Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dick Dynamite's New York Adventures, Justin Bieber's Cock, and 102% Complete

Phillip's Co-host this week was Serjio. They talked about Serjio's Emmy that he won for a news story that did the camera work for. Congratulations Serjio!

Then Phillip talked about some shows that he has been watching that is called Maron. Right now the first 2 seasons are on Netflix, but also it is currently running on IFC.

Here is a scene from one of the episodes.

Phillip also talked about how his wife and him watch Law and Order SVU on HULU.

Phillip and Serjio talk about how their wives will have a dream about something stupid they have done, and then wake up pissed. Phillip said that it reminded him of the song by Pink and the guy from Fun.



Serjio then talks about how he then ended up going down a Celebrity Cock Black Hole, by looking up cock pictures on the internet.

They talked about Serjio's adventures in New York and Philadelphia.

Phillip talks about the new James Bond movie Spectre.

Finally Phillip talks about a cheesy movie that he watched called Hell Comes To Frogtown.

They talked about a whole bunch of other stuff that wasn't mentioned here, but please check out

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Gay Marriage of a 40 Year Old Shark

This week Phillip is joined by his friend Colleen. They discuss gay marriage being legal now, and the 40th Anniversary of Jaws. It's a short and sweet 30 minute podcast. So we hope you enjoy.

First of all Colleen brought up this. Too Funny.

Then we talk about Jaws and the natural order of things.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life, Bugging Out, and 440 pounds of Cocaine in a Pineapple

This week on the show Shawn joins Phillip to talk more about life. Shawn talks about how he has been sober now for 102 days. We discuss what we thought life would be like, and what we would do when we got older. Phillip discusses his writing, and being as he never did anything with it, it is one of his regrets in life. They talk about Armageddon and being prepared for any emergency. There was all kinds of stuff, but hopefully you will all enjoy it. Maybe not a barrel of laughs, but it is interesting.

Phillip and Shawn start talking about a possible new segment on the podcast where all the co-hosts record lines from one of Phillip's scripts and then he edits it together into a radio play. 

Just like the old radio shows. Here is a link to a great site for free radio shows from back in the day.

Phillip talks about how he went to high school career day and asked a police officer if they had anything like 21 Jump Street in the police department.

Then they talk about being prepared. Here is an article that Phillip shared with Shawn in an email.

They talk about seeing Jurassic World.

Phillip mentions some podcasts as well.

Shawn talk about the movie Deja Vu.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great night, a beautiful day, and a lovely week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Free Blowjob, A Nipple On A Foot, and Hunting A Man For $10,000

This week the podcast is a rerun, because Phillip had to work and was unavailable to do the podcast. So this is a show from August 7th, 2011. Serjio and Phillip talk about movies, art, music, commercials, dreams, a nipple on a foot, cocks being cut off, plenty of other stuff, and hunting a man for 10,000 dollars. So if you haven't subscribed go to iTunes, or listen to us at

Here we go.

First they talk about First Blood. Here is a trailer, in case you haven't seen it. 

Here is the scene that Serjio was talking about.

Then they talk about Rambo: First Blood Part 2.

Then they talk Woody Allen. Here is the trailer for Annie Hall.

Phillip talks about 2001.

Then there is one of their favorite movies. Desperado.

This leads them into talking about Robert Rodriguez. Here are some trailers.

Then Phillip brings up this movie. Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Then Serjio talks about a song that he likes, but Phillip is not to fond of it. 

For a second Serjio thought that the song was one of Phillip's favorites. Which is this one.

Phillip talks about a song that he hates, but can't think of the name of it. Here it is.

Then Serjio has an observation about this Dorito's Commercial.

Then Phillip mentions this commercial.

They discuss some interesting dreams, and then......

Phillip mentions this documentary or whatever that was on the Inception bluray. Called Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious.

Then Serjio brings the news.

A Nipple on a foot.

Cock cut off and put in garbage disposal.

A Port a Potty Pervert.

And Hunting a man for 10,000 dollars.

We hope you enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Stabbing Your Father With A Fork, Is Your Life What You Thought It Would Be, And Robberies In Our Childhood

This week Joe Co-hosts the show. Being friends for 37 years, gives us a lot to talk about. We talk about movies we saw in the 80's, a dream that I had about my father, a weird dream involving my friend Serjio, things we did in our childhood, TV shows we grew up on, some weird news topics, and Joe's wife asks us some questions (How has our lives progressed? Way back in our younger days what did you imagine your life would be like? Are you where you thought that you would be? Regrets? Things you are looking forward to in the future? If they make a movie about your life who would play you and your cast of supporting characters?) So here we go.

I found the mother's day card that I made my mom in school, that we talked about last month. Here it is. 

I swear that Joe saw this movie with me. It's called Stryker.

We talk about a movie called Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.

I talk about a dream about my father that I had, and then I show Joe this picture of me as a kid, and he says that it looks like I AM being held hostage. It sure does. LOL.

These ar
Then Joe says that I blew my load by going all out for my 8th grade graduation, by wearing a tuxedo.

I tell Joe that I always imagined my life when I grew up, to be like pictures that I use to see in the J.C. Penny catalogue. Like this. (Not really a J.C. Penny catalogue, but you get the idea.)

I was amazed at how much of my writing that I found. It is writing from years and years. Some are notes, and some are pretty fleshed out. 

I tell Joe about a Bollywood movie that I am in the middle of watching right now called Dhoom 2.

Then we talk about a TV show that Joe and I use to love, called Tales of the Gold Monkey.

and we talk about another TV show called Bring Em Back Alive.

We talk about the new Point Break movie trailer.

The cast that would star in a movie about my life.












Here is my christmas list from 1978. Pretty cute.

In case you are wondering, like Joe and I, what a Sante Fe Double is.....

Then there is the news..... These are too funny.

and then this Pigeon story.

So that's it in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Quest for Foreskin, Tattoos, and 10 Real Life Time Travelers

This week on the show we talk about circumcision and non circumcision, and Serjio talks about his tattooist who is trying to stretch his foreskin. (Sorry no pictures.) LOL.

We talk about a new thing called Periscope.

Serjio talks about these guys.

I talk about 

And the guy that we couldn't think of from Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz is SIMON PEGG.
Here is the shirt that I was talking about. 

Here is the picture that I took in the Hospice room.

Here is the text that Serjio and I had sent back and forth that day. It may seem cruel but it made me laugh and that's what I needed. Jeff wouldn't have minded. 

In case you didn't hear there was a pretty big Muslim Protest here in Phoenix.

We talk about regrettable tattoos and we talk about some of these pictures on this website.

Then we talk about these 10 people who claim to be time travelers.

We talk about this radio show that we use to listen to all the time, but don't anymore. Here is a link

As we are talking about time travelers, the subject of The Philadelphia Experiment pops up. I have never seen this movie, but I am going to soon. 

Then we talk about Alpha Centari 1 and that reminds us of The Last Straighter. Such a classic.

Of course we also talk about Star Wars. Here is the trailer again.

Then I bring up a mysterious article that I found on line about a honeymoon couple who disappeared 60 years ago. Here is the link

So that was all for this week.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

California Traffic, Superheroes, and How to Create Heaven

This week on the show, Chip was my co-host and, we talked about all kinds of things. California traffic, Superheroes, TV shows that we watch, the Star Wars game that Chip plays, movies that are coming out, movies that have been out, and how we can make our own heaven with just our thoughts.

We started by talking about California Traffic.

Then we talked about some weird dreams that I had.

We then discussed Avengers: Age of Ultron

I talked about how I loved the Hulkbuster Armor.

We talk about Quicksilver in The X-Men Days of Future Past

Chip talked about a superhero/villain named High Evolutionary.

He talked about the Agents of Shield 2 hour finale.

Then Chip talked about how he and his wife watch The Lip Sync Battle.

I talk about this trailer for the Whitey Bulger movie.

I tell Chip that he should see Tusk, because I am curious what he will think of it.

We talk about the movie Suicide Squad that is coming out.

We talk about the animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham.

We talk about the Supergirl Trailer of CBS.

We talk about Captain E.O.

I show Chip this video of something that looks like it came from G.I. Joe cartoons in the 80s.

I share some news stories.

and this one.

and this one.

Chip talks about how if we all think it, that we can have a heaven.
I say yeah if it's like the one from What Dreams May Come then I am there.

There were other tidbits, but that is all for this week.

Have a good one.