Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Touch me again, and I'll kill ya."-----Joe Holanbeck

I was watching this movie recently at a friend's house. I was reciting all the lines, and I kept explaining how I loved the movie, but I didn't own it. My friend's asked me why not, and I informed them that I used to own it on VHS, and watched it several times. I decided then and there that I had to buy this movie again. I'm writing this because my cousin/friend had bought it for me back when I met her. It was the first thing that she had ever bought me. My cousin Chip had bought me Lethal Weapon 2 and she bought me this one. I think of the times at her house when we would watch it. Great characters and a great story. You rock. I hope you know what movie.

Thanks Alabama.

"There 600 dollar pants, they don't have like a t.v. in 'em or something?"-----Joe Holanbeck


Dakini said...
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MOVIEMAN said...

I miss you too. PUMPKIN