Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Creativity is the cornerstone of life.

We all come from the primordial ooze and evolve. Are we created by GOD? I don't think so. We are created, but not by a creator.


Boom, here we are. Slowly we evolved into what we are today, consumers. Adam Corolla said the other night on Love Line, that in our time when we were growing up, we didn't have as much as they do today. No PS2, no DVD palyers, and no cable TV to warp our minds. It was our imaginations that kept us entertained.

I find that my friend will often say to me, "Where do you come up with this shit?" I just let my mind flow and tell a story that is funny or interesting. Sometimes my stories may be too twisted, but they are original and they come from my imagination.

I am an only child and the only thing I had to play with while growing up was my mind. I had an imaginary friend, other voices that I would use when playing with toys, or complete scenerios for my action figures to act out. It was a great time.

I enjoy blogging because it is creative and I can write about whatever I want. My friend Serjio went online, read my blog, and then started his own. For creative people this is a great medium.
Sometimes I rack my brain trying to figure out what to write about, and then it will or won't come to me.

The youth of today are being poisoned by television and video games. Parents put there kids in front of the TV to watch mindless shows that have nothing to teach. They will let there kids play video games and never even know what they are playing.

Creativity may be dying. Although, somebody is creating the video games, television shows, and movies that we watch today. Let's just hope that we don't become dumbed down as a society.

Here's a little thing for those of you reading this. Let's use our creativity today. I am going to write a couple sentences and you will comment with the rest of the story.

A little interactive fun, if you will.

Four years ago Bob had escaped from prison. He was still on the run, but had an opportunity to make a large amount of money. Sarah, his girlfriend of the past month had talked him into pulling a heist. Now, as he sat in front of the open safe, he was confronted by the realization that..........


Nothing is too weird or to normal.

I'll give you an example in case you think that I am excluding myself, and in the hopes that it doesn't seem like homework.

...............he had never seen Sarah naked. Several things were starting to add up. SHE WAS A MAN.

Please participate. Thank you.


Mrs. H said...

Much to his dismay that turned him on even more than her being a woman.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

While yes Sarah had a nice tight ass it made him miss Billy Bob his boyfriend at the prison. So he went in to the bank so he could slow her down and they would get caught. He thought this is wesome I can go back to Billy Bob. Well he actually decided to let her get away and he was charged single handedly for the crime. His excitement grew as he sat there in shackles at the back of the prison van, the view of the prison gates came in to view, "Finally I am at home and will see you soon baby". After he got in his cell block and caught up with an old friend he decided to go find Billy Bob, the man he was willing to lose the freedom he gave himself four years ago, the man he gave up a sweet girl named Sarah for. Imagine his pain when he found out that Billy Bob had escapsed 2 years ago to look for him, saw him with Sarah and in his mix of rage and sadness killed himself. Now he sits alone everyday knowing that his one true love is dead because of him.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok so I screwed it up and forgot that it was only a month that he had been with Sarah but Billy Bob saw him with a woman dammit!