Monday, June 20, 2005

"Hell of a thing killin' a man."-----William Munny

Today the "angels" came and gave me an envelope that was addressed to Mr. Duke II, my former identity. They believed that it was important for me to read. It was from Patricia Voncer, Ronnie Voncer's mother. I opened it and here's what it said.......

Mr. Duke II,
We are still reeling from the loss of Ronnie. They say that time heals all wounds. That's not true. I feel the same as I did the first time I heard he was dead. I don't know why you're not in prison for what you've done. I am writing this in hopes that it will make me a better person. The only thing that I want to know is why did you do it? What did he do to you? He was only 16 years old. I am hoping that you respond to this letter, if not may the devil have mercy on your soul.

Patricia Voncer

I am not going to respond with a letter, but I will respond here.

Patricia Voncer and whoever else this may concern,

It was sunny day in May of 2003, and I felt like a drive. Several other times I had gone to Sedona for the day, had lunch, and gone home. Usually I would go with a friend. This time, I would go alone.

I always love the little shops along the main drive, they have great stuff at affordable prices. I had finished shopping and was finishing my lunch when this teenager approached me. He introduced himself and asked if he could sit down. I was thinking that he was selling something that I didn't want, but I let him talk anyway.

He informed me that he was only 16 and originally from Lithonia, GA. He had left school and home to travel the country and experience life. I told him that I had always wanted to do that, but I was too scared.

He told me how great it was, and all the nice people he had met. I told him that I didn't mean to be a buzz kill, but I was curious as to why he was talking to me. He said that he was wondering if he could hitch a ride. I said that I was only going back to Phoenix.

"I've never been there." he said.

I paid for my meal and we headed to my car.

Suddenly, from behind a building, came another teenager. In his hand he held a Bowie knife. I gave my hitchiker an angry look. "Why did you betray me?" I asked him.

Before he could answer, he was punched in the throat by the man with the knife. He went down faster than Brigitte.

The knife weilding teenager approached me in a threatening manner. He said, "Give me your money, and your car keys."

"Dude, I've already had a car stolen." I said.

"You've had 2 cars stolen, give me your fuckin' keys!" he yelled.

I just stared at him.

He slashed at my arm with the knife, cutting me deep.

I jumped back and stared at him in astonishment.

"Don't make me fuckin' kill you." he threatened.

This is when everything slowed down. I started to think about how I had almost died when being held up at gunpoint. That man's partner had said, "Kill this motherfucker." I waited and stared in the gunman's eyes, and then after a pause, they took off across the parking lot. I had always wished that I could relive that moment, and change it somehow.

Back to Sedona

I attempted a roundhouse kick, but inadvertantly made him stab himself in the neck.The blood started gushing down the front of his chest, and then he collapsed in front of me. DEAD!

I looked around and the hitchiker was gone. I threw my coat over the dead teenager's wound, put him in my car, and headed for Phoenix. As soon as I was sure that nobody was around, I disposed of the body. I cut it up into pieces, and burned any identity the boy had. That's when I found out that his name was Ronnie Voncer.

As for you Patricia, your son was an evil boy. He would have killed me for my car, and I have no doubt about that. He was a criminal and got everything he deserved.

As for the question about why I'm not in prison. I did this country a great service by ridding it of your son.

I will not be burning in hell, but your son definately will.

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LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

"He went down faster than Brigitte." Ok pissing my pants laughing at that, you have the best posts! Thank you for the look into your crazy mind :-)