Sunday, June 05, 2005

I hate everything about you.

I've already said that I hate Adrian Zmed and tomatoes......

Other things I hate are as follows......

Fish - they can breath underwater, this is why I love to eat salmon - REVENGE.
Butterscotch - tastes awful to me, do I need a reason?
"The View" - a bunch of cackling, phony bitches on ABC, I wish they would all DIE.
Phony people - be honest with me, don't waste my fucking time.
Dumb people - drivers, co-workers, and any idiot out there that can't figure out what's an entrance and what's an exit.
Bad spellers - a pet peeve of mine. why can't you spell vehical? (DUH)
Onions - they give me heartburn and they taste awful.
"Dark side of the sun" - a love/hate relationship, if you don't know this movie, look it up.
Save asses - Don't sell me up the river for something you did.

When I wake up and my penis has fallen out of my underwear.

When people don't comment on my blog. I took the time to write it, you took the time to read it, now just comment already FUCKER!!!!!!!!

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Mrs. H said...

Well, I am commenting so you don't get all pissy. Just wanted to let you know that I hate Penelope and that whore Angelina is not much better.