Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you."-----Luke Skywalker

Forget Indy and Marion, Danny and Sandy, it's all Luke and Leia. That's what K and I are. We are like brother and sister who didn't know that eachother existed until we met. I know, you're saying well I didn't know that you existed until I met YOU. Right, but I mean that we were both floating out there, only children, with no siblings. Then one day we meet at the drive in movie theater where we worked. She dated my best friend at the time, but when they broke up 4 years later, I was hoping that she would be interested in ME. She was not, and it was an unrequoited love that was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. After awhile I realized that I needed to tell her how I felt, knowing that nothing would come from it, but getting it off my chest anyway.
That was the hardest thing that I have ever done and I was hoping that it wouldn't ruin our friendship. I had realized that our friendship was the most important, and the best friendship that I had ever had, or will EVER have.
Now here it is 16 years after we met, and we are still growing strong.

Luke rescued Leia from the Death Star, and later Leia had rescued Luke from the bottom of Cloud City. K and I have saved eachother from being only children. Granted I don't get to wear the cool Stormtrooper outfit, but I've got her. Like Luke, I was once in love with my sister, but now we are FAMILY.
From what I hear about siblings, you get in arguments alot, or hate their guts most of the time. That doesn't happen with us as much. We do get annoyed by eachother once in awhile, but not as much as siblings that I know about.
I will always be here for her, and she knows it. I love her and will never stop loving her.

"No, there is another."-----Yoda


Dakini said...

is the 'other' I the third wheel...gosh I hope so...such a goodstory. It was sweet. man maybe Yoda was talking about me in that quote??????????????

Mrs. H said...

Sure you can keep thinking that....but as usual, I am guessing you are reading too much into it. :) Although we do love you!

Mrs. H said...
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MOVIEMAN said...

"Disappoint you, I do. The other you are not" - P speaking Yoda speak

"There can be only one." - K speaking MacLeod speak

We do love you and you are important to us even if you aren't a Yoda quote.

Mrs. H said...

Oh and I am being told to say I liked the story even though I lived it. Hey - I liked the fucking story! Yes I love you too bro!
Now that doesn't sound very heartfelt I am told. I'll have to be more heartfelt when you are not looking over my shoulder.

Mrs. H said...

Dude, you know you still want me. HA HA. Ok it's time to get serious, as you didn't like my other smart ass replies. You don't even remember meeting me, but I have let that slide. Me not returning your affection is the best thing that happened in all of this. Had I done that, we certainly would not be where we are now. I don't even remember some of those guys last names that "were just there". I have a life long friend, a brother I never wanted in you and I couldn't ask for a better one.
You know I love you and I know I probably don't express it much, but it's true.