Monday, June 27, 2005

Murder incorporated

If I tell somebody a story, I tell them the whole thing. This is why I tell long stories. I never only tell the parts that make me look good, because I don't like those kind of people. Some people who call themselves friends of mine, say that I have done this against them. I have not.

They think that they are so right and that I am so WRONG. They assume that if someone says that they are on my side of a certain issue that they must have only been told my side of the story. That is the part that is wrong.

The issue of course is the drowning of my dear kitten, STRIPE. Friends of mine who have read about how I killed this kitten are fully aware of both sides of the story. They know that I would not do that, and that these other friends are over analyzing the story and not reading for the joke that it is. My friends that know me, tell me that they don't know how these friends would act if they heard any of OUR conversations. Being as they are not as open as they say they are, or that they are to into the serious matters in life that they would not get what we talk about. Such as ANAL SEX, CRAPPY RELIGION, and anything else that really has no deep meaning.

My point is this, I am a weird individual and tell weird off the wall stories. My friends know this and the others don't. OBVIOUSLY.

A little addendum to this is that my friend Joe, who has been a friend of mine for 27 years was inconclusive about whether I did kill a kitten or not. The difference to this in case you are wondering is that Joe called me and asked if it was a joke because it sounded like one, but also it almost sounded true. For the most part it sounded like a joke he said. He did not cry all night, or worry about my mental capacity for normal thought. He also talked to me right away about it, and the problem was solved.

Some people just jump to conclusions, and act WITHOUT knowing. I was hurt that a friend would think that about me. The whole thing is over now, I am done.

Unless I am fueled to write more on the subject.


Mrs. H said...

I can tell you were annoyed, so I am glad I didn't read it, and will continue to not read it. :)

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I read what the peckerhead wrote, oh well too bad glad we are not him. Anyways bout stories...Do you have any good ones about puppies?

MOVIEMAN said...

I'm sure that I could think of one.