Monday, July 18, 2005

All hell's broken loose...

...and there's a fire under my ass. My dear friend wrote an inspirational blog post about me being a procrastinator. It is a very weird time in my life right now, but nobody really knows it. I think I may be pregnant. HA. No seriously, I have been thinking lately about what I am doing with my life. NOTHING.

I dream up stories and then write them into scripts. THAT'S IT! I don't go any further than that. I almost finished a short movie once. Is that going to be my lifes acheivement. How I almost made a movie. I was so excited by the thought of directing my movie and seeing it done, that that's all I could think about for weeks. Then shit started happening and the movie fell apart. Scheduling and all that crap. So I sit and I wait to make another one.

I wrote my first script in 1995/96. It's called Thicker Than Blood. My intention was to make that my first movie, but I had nobody that could act. Plus making a 2 hour movie cost money. The special effects were going to be another problem. Nothing big just bullet wounds and gun shots. I was so jazzed when I actually finished the script. Yet, I did nothing with it. "Oh I'll rewrite it and make it better.", that's what I kept telling myself. NEVER.

After Thicker than Blood, I wrote half of the sequel, "Dead man's party". While writing that, I realized that it was useless because I was never going to make Thicker than Blood, much less the sequel. It was planned as a trilogy. The final one was to be called, "Chinito Bandito".

Shortly after that I was trying to figure out what else to write about. That's when a couple of things that I had been thinking of writing, came together into one story idea. It was called, "No Honor Among Thieves" It would be my hardest to write and the best one so far. I was afraid of it though, it was going to be too big, and it jumped around in the time of events. One day at the video store, I was explaining the entire script to a customer who was a friend of mine. I started at the beginning and went all the way to the end credits. When I was done she told me that she had gotten goosebumps from the story. She told me to write it. I was touched by the reaction and began working on the script the next day. It went fast. I had read an interview with Quentin Tarantino once where he was asked why he had Mr. Blonde cut the cops ear off. He told the interviewer that he didn't know that Mr. Blonde was going to do that until he pulled the razor out of his boot. He said that when two characters, that he's writing about, are talking in a room that he just listens and writes down what they say. I read that and thought that it sounded crazy until I started writing this script. They spoke to eachother and I could barely keep up. It was great. I finished that and loved it, but of course did nothing with it. Right after I was done, 9/11 happened and I thought that no one would want to see a movie about the hijacking of a plane. The night that I had finished writing it, I emailed it to a friend of mine so that he could print it up. It was a good thing that I did because the next day my car had been stolen. My laptop and original script was inside. My question has always been, "I wonder if these car theives sent the script in and someday I'll maybe see a commercial for it?" That would be funny cruel.

After finishing that I was searching for something to write. I couldn't think of an idea that was as good to me as No Honor Among Theives. One day my friend Serjio and I decide to make a short film. I write the script in one night, and it's called Deja Vu. I start actually reading actors for the parts. The guy that I chose to be the bad guy all of a sudden disappears. Nobody knows where he went. We all figure that he went back to California. I had some complex camera angles and we figured that I should write something simpler. So that was the end of that.

Then I start writing a script from an idea that I had when I turned 19 or 20. It had evolved by then with the help of my friend Casey. It would be 4 different stories and could be done by 4 different directors. Me, Serjio, Ceasar, and maybe Joe. I would write the entire script. I wrote 76 pages of it, but when one of the actors wasn't returning my calls, I stopped writing it. I really wanted to make a movie so bad.

Finally I realized that I needed to do something that didn't have alot of actors in it, and wasn't that difficult to shoot. I took an existing idea that I had had already, called "God Is Dead" and changed to "Heresy". It would be about a man who's wife leaves him and he loses faith in GOD. It would be one guy on a cell phone. 1 actor, no problem. Then as I was writing it, the wife was there and she was in the flashbacks. I tried to use my friend Colleen, but she was a cross between William Shatner and Keanu Reeves. One day my friend tells me to call Stephanie, a friend of ours. I did, and she was awesome. We had 1 more day to film, maybe 2, and then she gets busy looking for work. That combined with everybodies schedules, the movie stopped.

I am still trying to finish the rest of the 76 page script called, "Caused an Effect". Serjio and I are still trying to put the footage that we shot together, to see if it looks any good. If so then maybe we'll continue to film the movie. I have rewritten the ending and the wife isn't there. I had written a script for Serjio from a story of his, but we are waiting to see what we are going to do.

I am always trying to come up with new ideas for scripts. I have 3 right now.

I can't say too much, because this is the internet you know.

1, is about a mob guy in Kentucky.

2, is about a bounty hunter who's wife was killed and blah blah blah. It's kind of open right now.

3, is about my fucked up childhood. It seems that everyone wants me to work on this one next.

This isn't counting the idea I have for a remake of a classic John Barrymore movie, with Drew Barrymore in the lead.

As is heard through Hollywood, "I just want to Direct."

That's me in nutshell. Thought you all might be interested. The fire has been set and I am going to fine tune No Honor Among Theives, because that is my best one.

"Don't dream it. Be it."-----The Rocky Horror Picture Show


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Now I feel like shit, I am sorry about the movie. I feel so shitty that yes I will go on a date with you lol No really let's hang out, Thursday I have a support group to go to, but let's hang out some other time soon. You will have a movie completed before too long in your life I just feel it and know it!

Mrs. H said...

He doesn't want a date, he wants his movie finished!! :)

Sorry we couldn't get your script printed for you tonight.

Thanks for continuing to feed my belly, I can't wait for the fine dining that awaits me once you are a famous movie maker!!!! yummy, yummy in my fat tummy!