Thursday, July 07, 2005

Holy Crap!

There are several different things that I am going to talk about on this post. My job, religion, my days off, the Cricket cell phone store, my father, the owners of my company, and Zia record exchange.

MY JOB: The other day at work they wanted me to relearn an old post. I had done it a year and a half ago, but some things have changed. I started on Monday at another post, watching a church. The religion thing will come in later. Anyway I worked from 930 at until 1130 and then I went to meet with the other supervisor so that he could show me around. All went well, except that I'm not sure if I'm going to remember all of the buttons that I need to hit. They show where I was at what time. The reason why I have to relearn this post is because the other supervisor received a DUI and will have his license suspended for a month. Therefore, I have to work on the driving post while he does the walking patrols that I usually do. Not a BIG deal, but I liked it the way it was. I had just recently arranged my schedule so that I could work 3 days and have 4 days off. Now I will work 4 days and have 3 days off. I know that that's not to shabby, but not as good as it was. So now I am kind of nervous about working this patrol starting on Saturday. I'm sure that it will be fine.

RELIGION: Then before I went to retrain at the patrol job, I went into the church that I was watching. Nobody was in there. I turned on the lights, and went to the balcony. I sat in the very center, and I waited for some sign of devine intervention. Nothing happened. I figured as much.

MY DAYS OFF: It was Mrs. H's birthday on the 5th, and also my first day off. She's one lady who really knows how to take care of herself. We went bowling with other friends and had a wonderful time. Her and I then stayed up and watched a show called, "The boy whos skin fell off." I know it sounds hilarious, but it was a documentary about his boy whos skin keeps falling off. Just when you would think that nothing else horrible could happen to this guy, he gets cancer and has 1 year to live. The show bookended with his death. It was a wonderful way to end a very happy day. Our lives aren't as bad by comparison. Today I came here to Mrs. H's and let the dogs out. Tomorrow I will go swimming, and try to enjoy the rest of my days off before I go to work at this new post.

THE CRICKET CELL PHONE STORE: Before I had went to let Mrs. H's dogs out, I received a call from my cousin. He asked if I would go with him to get his new cell phone from Cricket. I had a paper that one of the workers had given me and said that if I recommended a new person and they signed up, then I would get a free month of service and the new person would get free activation. I went with him and gave him the paper. After waiting in line for what seemed like an hour, the lady told us that that paper was for new customers only. Meaning that he could give it to somebody else and work the deal with them, because they would both be new. I could not because I was an older customer. I informed her that she needed to get her people on the same page then because that's what a Cricket employee told me. After signing my cousin up, she took 10 dollars off my bill. I thanked her for that.

MY FATHER: On the way to Mrs. H's my dad called me and said that he needed a ride because his car had a flat tire. I told him that I would help after letting the dogs out at Mrs. H's. I then went to help him and wasted about 45 minutes for him to transfer stuff from his car to mine, because he was afraid that it might get stolen. I then took him home, as he critisized my driving, and went on my way. I have to go pick him up tomorrow, get the tire fixed, and take him back to his car. Here I thought that I was going to have some nice days off.

THE OWNERS OF MY COMPANY: On the way back to Mrs. H's I received a call from the other supervisor of my company. He informed me that the owners want to meet with me tomorrow to go over some schedules or some shit. GREAT :(

AND ZIA RECORD EXCHANGE: After getting off the phone I thought that I would stop at Zia's and then get something to eat. My mission was to get some new music, but of course me being me, I got 4 DVDs and 1 CD. The DVDs were priced very well, and there were alot. I bought, The Best Years Of Our Lives, Foxy Brown, Ghostbusters, and The Green Berets. The CD that I bought is from a band called, "No fall out man" or something like that. Anyway it sounded cool at the listening station. I then went to Wendy's picked up some food and headed to Mrs. H's.

I am here now, and I have to go to bed and get up to deal with my dad and the tire. Then the owners, where ever they decide to meet me. Afterwards I will hopefully be able to go swimming and relax. Hopefully my weekend isn't totally fucked.

Sorry that this is so long, I don't even know if I'll post it.

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Mrs. H said...

Thanks for watching my dogs and house for us it is greatly appreciated!