Saturday, July 02, 2005

It was a good day today

I would like to think that my life is like a series of movies. The end of my days off this week, would signify the end of one of these movies. It was a happy ending.

I slept well, saw 3 different signs of love and affection from 3 different couples, and laughed with my friend. It was a good day also because it is another day. I am not as mad as I was yesterday. I also spoke with the theiving supervisor and he said that he IS partially to blame. Whether I forgot if he told me he needed my guy or not.

I will be working for the next three days and I will not be able to write. I am sure that you are all happy about that. Others may say that it's about time. They may say, "You don't HAVE to write a new post every day." I know, but I enjoy making people laugh or whatever. Well I'm off to go home and enjoy the rest of my night off.

For those of you out there who may be in a funk. I leave you with this.................

Live every day as if it's your last.
Everything is beautiful if you open your eyes.
Someone died while you were reading this, and it wasn't you. (Hopefully)
Be greatful for what you have, and retrospectful of things you've lost. (Spike)
Another man's junk, is another man's treasure.

I hope that may of helped anyone who is down. If you are having a good day then maybe that just made it better.

I'm not just here to make people laugh, I'm also here to help.

I love everyone, except those who will remain nameless.

For those nameless few, SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mrs. H said...

Glad you had a good day - keep up the great blogging. You got the t-shirt after all.