Thursday, August 25, 2005

Soon to be 34

My birthday party is planned and is about to happen on Friday the 26th of August. I am extrememely happy. I haven't had a birthday party with all of my friends for years. I'm hoping that it'll be a good time had by all.

Other things that came to my attention this week are that I bore my friend to tears, I could do anything to any property as long as I am in a vehicle that is marked security, and life is going good for me.

I can't elaborate much on any of it because I am not in a typing mood, and I'm hungry. Anyway there you go ladies and maybe gentlemen. (I'm not sure about the diva princess because I've never seen her naked.) I'm funny, but as Mrs. H would say, "Looks aren't everything."

Friday, August 19, 2005


Was this created because of me? It seems odd, but it could be true. I came to my site and saw a new thing. It was the flag? button. I don't know if someone flagged me or what. Now I am worried they are enforcing the use of free speech. I will be punished for speaking my mind. If I offend too much, I will be kicked off of blogger.

Hopefully that won't happen because then what would you two do? This is also after I just wrote a thing on live journal about fucking with the system. That's their way to get back at us. Creating their flag button. Oh well I can deal.

Anyway, on to other things. The other day my friend and I had a good time going out to eat. She and I were in good spirits and all was well. On the drive home she reached over and gave me a hand job. JUST KIDDING! She used her mouth. KIDDING AGAIN! Anyway, I played her a song by James Taylor called, "You've got a friend." She informed me that I could play it at her funeral and I told her that I would probably die before her, because women live longer then men. I told her she could play it at my funeral. We were then quiet and listening to the song. She got teary eyed and blamed me for it. It made me sad and happy, because it made me realize how she felt about me. You may not hear it alot or think that you are not loved as much or don't have it that good. Then you have a moment in life like that, and it makes you extremely happy. The sadness only came from the thought of my own mortality.


Thanks for everything you've ever done for me, or ever will do.

You are SPECIAL.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's in a name?

I was driving in my car the other day and heard a commercial on the radio for FUDRUCKERS. I know of the place and have eaten there once, but I thought what kind of a fucking name is that. Granted it sticks with you, but what does it mean?

I mean I'm named after my father, and out middle name is my granfather's first name. Also my name means, "Lover of horses." Who knows why, but that's what it means. My point is that there are several things in this world that I would like to now why they were named that. I mean MIRAMAX is named after the owners mother and father, Miriam and Max. That makes sense and is kind of cool. Now they say Coca-cola is named that because it used to have cocaine in it. It was made with coco leaves and all that. If that's true it makes sense. What about Pepsi? I checked online years ago and could not find an answer for that. What the fuck does it mean?

Then sitting here, I started thinking of the little donut holes. Dunkin Donuts calls them MUNCHKINS. Now are short people offended by this name? Probably not because I haven't seen any protesters shot on the news over it. Although to prove my point about names is DUNKIN DONUTS. When I drive by there and see the name, I know that it is a place that sells dunuts. The name makes you envision dunking your donut in your coffee or milk. It makes you happy and you want a donut. That's what a name does.

Here are some others that make no sense to me and I would like to find out what they mean.


Anyway, you get my point. Who came up with these names? Who said that an egg is an egg? I know that I seem like I am obsessed with this name thing, but I'm not. I just couldn't think of a blog to write.

That's all I got for now.

Sorry that I wasted your time.

Speaking of turning back time. What kind of a name is Cher?
Although I do believe in love, so she's okay with me.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Love search and random thoughts

My friend Mrs. H. signed me up to a couple of dating sites. I have never done anything like that before. Which of course is why I am single. I usually only hear the bad things about internet dating. The only good story is that my cousin Sarah married the guy she met and they have a beautiful baby girl. They are of course married. I don't even know where to go to look for a woman. Again that's why I'm single. Hopefully things will work out, but it's been a week and I am so ugly nobody wants to write to me because they feel that they may catch the leparcy. I'll I can do is hope and wait.

Another thing that I wanted to bring up on my blog was something I read on a Starbuck's cup.

Americans spend an average of 29 hours a week watching television which means in a typical life span we devote 13 uninterrupted years to our TV sets! The biggest problem with mass media isn't low quality, it's high quantity. Cutting down just an hour a day would provide extra years of life- for music and family, exercise and reading, conversation and coffee.

Michael Medved
Author of Right Turns, and radio talk show host.

That is true, but I do have my favorite shows that I watch. So I am sorry. My life is wasted.

In my previous posts, I wrote about wasting time. The fact of the matter is that you are ALIVE. In every sense of the word you are alive. Not just living and breathing, but laughing with friends and enjoying the little things in life. It is a giant catch 22. Enjoy life, and do what you want, but also follow your dreams. We would all love to be millionaires and not have a care in the world, but it's just not going to happen. Nobody is doing what they want to do in life, but most people are content. Some people are not happy with content, but it'll do. I am one of those people. I am not a hollywood script writer or director, but I am happy with my life. I am not exstatic and overjoyed by my life, but I am content with it.

This doesn't mean to disregard anything that I wrote before about being a procratinator. It just means that while I am waiting for myself to get moving, that I am fine staying still. Today I have no pressures and I am happy. I am feeling better about myself and I had an enjoyable evening.

I played God today and killed a mouse. It was easy I flushed him down the toilet. He was trying to swim out, but it was no use. If there is a GOD is it as easy for him to kill a lesser creature. Then again who am I to say the mouse is a lesser creature. For all I know the true history of the world could be that Mice were our leaders at one point, and we just evolved past them. Then again it could be that they are just dirty little rodents that deserve to die. I like that one, because it'll make me sleep better.

I'm now going to go home and watch either Moonlighting, Starsky & Hutch season 3, or Downfall. It will be a good night. Tomorrow I will go and see the Island and enjoy my other day off. It is great to be me. You are all so jealous, it's pathetic.

Kidding. I hope you all have a beautiful and lovely day.

Don't worry, be happy!

Hakuna Matata!

I love you horny bitches!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Weird and annoying things

Poor thing is holding on for dear life, or trying to commit froggyside.

That is life a struggle with the elements. It is fighting to be first, happy, or in control. Society says that we need to buy the best, to be the best. Bull shit. People that we know are worried about the end of the world or the tyranny of the evil white man. Fuck them. Shit happens. History can't be changed as I wrote before. If I tell you that I am a White Supremesist or cat Killer, then it must be so. I wouldn't be telling you that just for shits and giggles would I? If you guys didn't know me, I would tell you that this is Steven Speilberg's blog. None of it is true. They piss me off with their paranoia. I want to punch them in their tree hugging asses, and burn the hairs off of their arms with the white candles of purity. When we die we're dead. It's as simple as that. Who's borrowing trouble now?

I want to sneak into their apartment in the middle of the night and save the children. She writes about Cartoon network rotting the minds of children, and then goes on to buy a sarong to hang in the kids doorway to keep out evil spirits. FUCK YOU BITCH! My childhood was great and I watched cartoons. Granted not all cartoons are good or stimulating for kids. I don't think that my brain is rotted out, or that I am lesser of a person just because I watched Smurfs. I know you're all thinking, "Smurfs rock!" Without the smurfs where would we be? The world would not be changed but we remember watching the smurfs on Saturday mornings and just loving to be a kid. Without great childhood memories where is the world headed?

As opposed to our reminiscing about the smurfs, the kids will be walking along the street someday and see a woman with a sarong and say, "Sarong's rock, they saved me from evil spirits when I was little." That's when everyone walking with them will cross the street to get away from them. It is a sad state of affairs when a kid can't be a kid. Smurfs, Thundercats, Kid Video, and Thundar the barbarian are cartoons that I grew up with and wouldn't change that for anything.

As for the Windian parents of these misguided children. Well there is nothing that we can do. You don't need a license to have a child. Sad but true. I want to have an exorcism of stupidity at that apartment. I would pray until they are in the now and not the metaphysical crap. Now, I don't believe in GOD, but I would if it straightened them out. This will never happen. Let's just add that to the list of things that will NEVER HAPPEN.

1. Brig and her husband not being into the metaphysical, native american bullshit.
2. Brig moving here with her family.
3. Her kids having a real childhood.
4. Me killing a cat.
5. The smurfs being as cool as they were when we were young.

These are the things that they am annoyed with. As for the weird, the fact that Mrs. H. doesn't like Twinkies. I always thought that that was weird. I know what Mrs. H. will say, "Why would we argue our opinions?" She would be right about that, but wrong that Twinkies aren't delicious. HAHAHAHA.

Just thought that I would make you guys laugh.

Nothing to do, and the time is ticking away

My friend Mrs. H. has took the incentive to look for me a date online. I have no problem with that. I obviously am too lazy to do anything about my own dating situation. That means that it's nonexistent. I would like to hang out with a nice woman and watch a movie, go out to eat, have a nice conversation with, or just kiss and snuggle.

Although the weird thing for me is that I am so used to doing what I want, when I want, that I would maybe not like that all of a sudden I have another person around wanting to do other things. I know that Mrs. H. will say that I am borrowing trouble. That may be, but I am just stating a fact. I have been single for a llllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time now, and it will be different. I am ready for it though. I also know that I need to do something. I definatley don't want to die alone. That would suck. I am content with being alone, but then again maybe that's because I don't know anything else.

I need to change my life, and I don't do it. I have no idea why not. Not just the dating thing, but my life in general. I need to get a new job, send in my scripts, get a girlfriend, and follow my dream. I need to climb my way out of this fucking rut that is my life. The thing is I don't need a helping hand to pull me out of the rut. I need to just climb out of it on my own. I fell in it, and I can get out of it. I know that I write all these brave words and then I do nothing about it. My laziness is my downfall. For instance, I wanted to get my car legal last week, but I didn't because it wasn't fun to do on my day off. Now I need to go do it or I'll get pulled over.

I bitch and bitch and bitch and do NOTHING. I even sit there and tell myself, "You need to really work on rewriting that script?" Then I say, "Well I'll watch this history channel, sitcom, movie crap, and write later." I never do. I am writing useless words. It all means SHIT. I can't figure out if I am lazy with the scripts, or if I am worried that nobody will like my writing and then my dreams will be shattered. What do I do if my writing is no good? I would love to direct, but what if I don't even have that talent?

I worry about work, and don't write. I would rather be with my friends on my days off, and not write. Then when should I write? I am writing now, but not a script. I will go home and I may start to work on a rewrite, but I may not. I do have to get up earlier tomorrow and get my car legal. The job that I have now is almost perfect for writing, but I am supervisor and that sucks. Although, the rest of my job is easy as fuck. I don't know I am talking in a circle and am going nowhere.

Mrs. H. and DivaPrincess wanted me to write and I did. It sucks though, because it didn't make anyone laugh. I'm sorry, I'll write a funny one tomorrow.

Maybe I'm just in funk. I do notice that I have been more irritable lately, after I became supervisor.

"I have a girlfriend. You don't know her, she lives in Canada."-----Breakfast Club