Thursday, August 25, 2005

Soon to be 34

My birthday party is planned and is about to happen on Friday the 26th of August. I am extrememely happy. I haven't had a birthday party with all of my friends for years. I'm hoping that it'll be a good time had by all.

Other things that came to my attention this week are that I bore my friend to tears, I could do anything to any property as long as I am in a vehicle that is marked security, and life is going good for me.

I can't elaborate much on any of it because I am not in a typing mood, and I'm hungry. Anyway there you go ladies and maybe gentlemen. (I'm not sure about the diva princess because I've never seen her naked.) I'm funny, but as Mrs. H would say, "Looks aren't everything."


Mrs. H said...

I think I love you and am excited for tonight and hope you have lots of fun, and really hope I am not cleaning up your puke.

MOVIEMAN said...

That's sweet of you.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Oh and movieman you have now seen my boobs, so can that count as proving I am a woman?

Vash said...

Hey Movieman...Finally figured out where you blog was...I have been to your party and now I can die a happy death...any chance you will be putting up any more comments? It's been a couple weeks now.