Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Weird and annoying things

Poor thing is holding on for dear life, or trying to commit froggyside.

That is life a struggle with the elements. It is fighting to be first, happy, or in control. Society says that we need to buy the best, to be the best. Bull shit. People that we know are worried about the end of the world or the tyranny of the evil white man. Fuck them. Shit happens. History can't be changed as I wrote before. If I tell you that I am a White Supremesist or cat Killer, then it must be so. I wouldn't be telling you that just for shits and giggles would I? If you guys didn't know me, I would tell you that this is Steven Speilberg's blog. None of it is true. They piss me off with their paranoia. I want to punch them in their tree hugging asses, and burn the hairs off of their arms with the white candles of purity. When we die we're dead. It's as simple as that. Who's borrowing trouble now?

I want to sneak into their apartment in the middle of the night and save the children. She writes about Cartoon network rotting the minds of children, and then goes on to buy a sarong to hang in the kids doorway to keep out evil spirits. FUCK YOU BITCH! My childhood was great and I watched cartoons. Granted not all cartoons are good or stimulating for kids. I don't think that my brain is rotted out, or that I am lesser of a person just because I watched Smurfs. I know you're all thinking, "Smurfs rock!" Without the smurfs where would we be? The world would not be changed but we remember watching the smurfs on Saturday mornings and just loving to be a kid. Without great childhood memories where is the world headed?

As opposed to our reminiscing about the smurfs, the kids will be walking along the street someday and see a woman with a sarong and say, "Sarong's rock, they saved me from evil spirits when I was little." That's when everyone walking with them will cross the street to get away from them. It is a sad state of affairs when a kid can't be a kid. Smurfs, Thundercats, Kid Video, and Thundar the barbarian are cartoons that I grew up with and wouldn't change that for anything.

As for the Windian parents of these misguided children. Well there is nothing that we can do. You don't need a license to have a child. Sad but true. I want to have an exorcism of stupidity at that apartment. I would pray until they are in the now and not the metaphysical crap. Now, I don't believe in GOD, but I would if it straightened them out. This will never happen. Let's just add that to the list of things that will NEVER HAPPEN.

1. Brig and her husband not being into the metaphysical, native american bullshit.
2. Brig moving here with her family.
3. Her kids having a real childhood.
4. Me killing a cat.
5. The smurfs being as cool as they were when we were young.

These are the things that they am annoyed with. As for the weird, the fact that Mrs. H. doesn't like Twinkies. I always thought that that was weird. I know what Mrs. H. will say, "Why would we argue our opinions?" She would be right about that, but wrong that Twinkies aren't delicious. HAHAHAHA.

Just thought that I would make you guys laugh.


Mrs. H said...

You crack me up! Especially since you are the sweet, cuddly one and I am the meanie according to her!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Mrs_H does not like twinkies? Wow that was one thing about her I did not know. How is the online date site going?

Mrs. H said...

Yeah, Twinkies are gross, but slap some frosting on them and call them a Zinger and I like 'em!