Friday, September 30, 2005

Ficticious Facts and shit...........

Rod Stewart had a liter of cum pumped out of his stomach.

Richard Gere had a gerbil stuck up his ass.

You can see a ghost of a boy in Three Men and a Baby.

In, The Wizard of Oz, you can see a man hanging by a noose.

Danny Bonaduce trained Arnold Schwarzenegger how to fight with a sword in Conan the Barbarian.


Some people talk shit just to fit in. They want to be hip and in the now. So they make up stories or Urban Legends. For some reason, if it's a believable enough story, it may catch on with the gossipers and fly into myth. 4 of those stories are semi-believable, and one of them isn't.

I wonder which one isn't?


Danny Bonaduce would have been 23 years old.

Kiyoshi Yamasaki was the Swordmaster who trained all the actors in the film.

Need I say more? That pretty much puts it to rest. For those who may have heard this story or maybe even thought it up. I'm sorry to bust your bubbles. I had nothing else to do.

Don't mess with the MOVIEMAN!

I had a very nice time last night. We laughed like we hadn't laughed before. Good times. I wanna rock with you, that was the name of the song that I wanted you to sing. Some of you may think that I'm queer for writing things to M.J. I can assure you that I'm not. If you don't believe me, I'll fuck you in the hiney hole. That'll show I'm straight. Right? Right?

I had lots of fun with you too Mrs. H. It was a blast. A good memory to cherish.

One other thing Mrs. H...............

We should name them.
Mine will be, Hamol.
Yours will be, Famol.

I know I'm STUPID!

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, all I can say is......
Sucks to be you.
Jealous much?

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Mrs. H said...

Who the hell is M.J? You couldn't possibly have more fun than you do w/ me!
Naming sounds good, but I don't know about those names.