Saturday, September 10, 2005

It's been soooooooooo long.........

I haven't written anything since before my birthday. Many things have happened and this is what they are............

1. My birthday party was a blast. I enjoyed it so much. Thanks to Mrs. H. for throwing the party and all who came. I got to see boobs that I haven't seen before and boobs that showed up to the party. (Thanks Rob for coming.) I've actually done something that Jesus couldn't do. I turned 34.

2. My 40 hour work week turned into 32 and could go down further. My job sucks and I know this, and soon maybe I will get another job. If I can get off my lazy ass.

3. I was patrolling around a church the other day and I saw a pit bull get hit by a car. Then another car ran it over and then another. It was a sad day and it shook me up real bad. It's an image that will always stick with me. For those who don't know this is NOT A JOKE.

4. The levees broke in New Orleans and racism and classism reared it's ugly head. Black people this, poor people that, black poor people blah blah blah. Will Racism ever be gone.

5. My throat started hurting the other day and then I got sick. I was conjested, feverish, and achey. I took a bunch of medicine and orange juice, and I am now on the road to recovery.

6. This blog is boring, this blog is shit, you'd have more fun playing with your clit.

I'm sorry that I couldn't think of anything funny or profound. I sit around most of the day thinking oh I'll write about that in my blog. When it comes to it, I forget what I wanted to write. Without Brig and Matt to pick on I've got nothing. My blog's are boring and meaningless. Nobody gives a shit. I'm in fear of losing my fan base. The 2 of you that read this.

Sorry to waste your time, but it's 4 in the morning and I can't think of anything clever to write.


Mrs. H said...

Whaaaaaaa! Quit whining - you still write more often than the other 2 of us.

Good to see you again last night, wierd not seeing you all week.

Vash said...

Hey that was great! Ha ha ha it again. Your b-day party was a lot of fun! know I can't remember the last time I had so much Sorry about your job: maybe you could try male stripper or make some kind kinky porn and sell it on the the internet.

Well Have a good evening.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I am still here reading it LOL I am glad I got to help make your birthday a little better by showing you my boobs. Now cheer up soldier. Last Monday when I was driving home from Payson I watched drunk roll his truck 3 times and it landed 100 feet in front of my car. I called 911 and stayed with him trying to keep him concious until someone arrived. He was drunk (ya at 7:15am) and really bad, he had a terrible head wound. They ended up having to air-vac him out of there and I saw on the news later that he died. MY GOSH one more roll he would have hit me, I tried to help, but alas I am not Jesus and cannot save a life. I was shaken up and will never forget it. But I feel good knowing thatI tried to be a person of comfort to him during that terrible time and I only hope that if anything happened to anyone I love and care for that someone would stop and be with them. Oh well I love ya movieman!!!