Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some great and interesting things

Flickering images on any size screen are what I love. Movies move you and transport you. They can pull at your heart strings or shock you. Of course you all know that I love movies, so this is no big suprise. The reason I am writing this is to talk about a certain movie in particular. The movie is Crash.

Now there was a movie called Crash that came out in the late 90's. This is the Crash that just came out on DVD. This movie is AWESOME. It's racism at it's extreme worst. You laugh at the racial comments and then wonder why you laughed. Does that make you like the person in the movie? We all may be racist in some form or another. We've all told jokes about race, but why do we laugh. It is not right to say that you are not racist and then turn around and tell a racist joke. This movie really brings all of that to the surface. It makes you think and feel. In a way you sit there and go that's right, but then in the same instance you wonder why you feel it's right. Words really don't do this movie justice, it has to be seen. Please, the couple of people that are reading this, rent the movie Crash.

The other thing that I want to talk about is my cross country trip that I had mentioned in a previous post. I am going forward with my plans to save money and go on this trip. There are some sacrifices that I will have to make but I think that I am ready for them. The sucky thing is that I still owe my dad 468 dollars, not to mention the 600 dollars to my friend Joe to pay off my car. Granted that's not much, but it cuts into my money. Also before I leave I still have to pay for my apartment, utilities, and car insurance. It sounds bad, but I think that if I cancel cable, my phone, my blockbuster and netflix passes, stop buying movies for myself and others, and stop going out to eat all the time, that I can save a bunch of money. On payday I am going to buy an atlas and a map of the United States. That is when I will start planning the trip. I am excited and I can't wait. It'll be tough saving the money, but I can do it.

The hardest thing to do will be canceling cable. I love my shows, good stories and adventures. Then again I am giving that up for my own stories and adventures. It is an exciting time, I am actually doing something with my life. That will make work a hell of alot better.

Here's to me.

Have a nice day and a terrific weekend.

I love you all.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Well honey when you plan your trip if you want any insights into some great places all along the south east, the eastern seaboard or New England just let me know. Since I am from back east I know it well. I love ya and good luck!

Mrs. H said...

You are racist, but I love you anyway. At least the major shows you love are on regular tv so you'll still be ok. Not going out to eat, that will suck, if I could cut money somewhere so I could take us out, I would but I don't see it happening too often.