Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You talkin' to me?

I'm thinking of going with the mohawk myself. What do you think? Several things to talk about today.

I am in a good mood. I ate out Mrs. H. Oh I mean I went out to eat with Mrs. H.

Work is going fine.

My movie ideas are flowing. I just need to hunker down and create them.

I watched Stir Crazy today and it made me laugh. There's nothing like nostalgia of your growing up years. I love that. Although my friend Joe told me to watch D.C. Cab because he loved it as a kid. I remember that several people liked this movie. I am not one of them. Granted it was dated and all from 1983, but the acting and the jokes were horrible. I know what you will say. I am a movie snob or I pick to much or whatever. I know what I don't like and that is one of them. Now there are movies that I watch and love from my childhood that nobody else does. That is fine and we are all entitled to our own opinion and this was mine.

Once again it is 330 and I was going to go home at 130. Well there goes that plan. One of my guilty pleasures is watching the mexican television stations and waiting for the women to come on with no bras. That and some of those shows are funny. I know you will all call me a pervert and say that I need a girlfriend. I'm way ahead of you. I have my eyes on a blonde girl that works at the Q T. She gets off work at 7 in the morning and always walks north down 7th street. One day I'll get her and then who will be laughing? I will, I will, me and Mr. Nimpter. Yes you will all be sorry some day when I have the skin of a girl. I mean a girlfriend. Damn backspace and delete buttons are broke on this fucking computer. If I do freak out, don't worry I won't come after you. I will come after you though. Well I have to go prepare now. 3 hours and 20 minutes until she leaves. So unsuspecting, so innocent, so nice, but I can turn quicker than a unicycle. Pray for forgiveness on that day.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Funny you talk about the mohawk, both my boys have them now LOL Hey are you coming to Kenny's party Saturday? It is at noon, such a fucked up time but Ginger cannot leave the dogs for long in Tucson. Email me soon! I love ya!

Mrs. H said...

in your dreams pal! Dinner was nice, thanks again. Good luck w/ the poor, unsuspecting blonde girl.

Vash said...

Hey you need a van for that sorta stuff...can I help? I have jumper cables and a rusty kitchen knife. Well make that carpet match those drapes! That lil whore!