Monday, October 03, 2005

Dreams of the unknown and other oddities

I had a dream today about meeting Steven Spielberg. I was hanging out with him while he was filming his new movie. I was asking him questions about the industry and all the movies that he's directed. He is only half listening to me, (like my friends do)and I tell him a couple of ideas for some scripts that I have. He tells me that they suck and is not the mentor that I thought he would be. I was upset, but didn't know how to tell him about it. He wouldn't care if I was upset anyway. Then I woke up.

Then I had a dream that I died. I think that I was on my way home and I got in a car wreck or something. I didn't necessarily dream my death, but I was dead. Kris didn't know what song to play at my funeral because we haven't picked one. It was weird and I remember thinking that I would never get to go on my trip. Plus whatever other regrets that I may have.

After that I woke up and thought, "Wow, I'm alive. Cool." I looked at the clock and it was 2:00 PM. I layed my head down for a minute before I got up and the next thing I know it's 4:40 PM. I swear that I don't remember falling asleep. Anyway, it was just strange.

Not sure if I really have any oddities. The other night my neighbor asked to borrow some movies from me. That was weird to me because we don't speak that much. He borrowed four and returned them a couple days later. The other weird thing, for myself, is how into this trip I am. I have not lost focus once. I know that it's because I want to prove to myself and my friends that I can do it. Plus, that I was stupid for never going through with it in the first place. The only hard thing is planning the trip to go to every site that I want to see. Mrs. H. thinks that I will only make it to Seattle, if that, before I want to come back home. I THINK NOT!

The difficult thing for me, as I've said before, is canceling cable and my phone. The other thing is going out to eat and buying DVDs. There are several DVDs that are coming out in the next 3 months that I would love to own. It's called SACRIFICE. For me that's a huge thing. I've figured that I will have saved $5080.00 dollars by April 1st. That is when I will leave, it's a Saturday. I may have already arranged to sell my big screen t.v., or trade for a lesser sized t.v. and some money. Tonight I am going to go through my DVDs and decide what I want to sell. If I am repeating my self from another post then forgive me, I am excited.

Something funny that happened yesterday, was that I heard another bad movie line. It was in the movie Mindhunters. After L.L. Cool J. shoots a guy he says, "We found his weakness, bullets." CRAP! I know you two or three that read this will say, "What's wrong with that, I like it." Well then go rent your Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damme movies, and never speak to me again.

For Mrs. H. this in no way an excuse for you to say that you love all of their movies, causing me to not speak to you again. There is no way out for you. You can not escape me. I am here to cause your eyes pain by looking at me, and your ears to want to leap off your head by listening to me. My monotone voice and taco meat moles are here to stay. I think that we've had some good times this past week and I hope that they keep on happening.

Now, to analyze the dreams. The Steven Spielberg one of course is my fear that I'm not a good writer. That if my dream of meeting a famous director ever came to fruition, it would crash and burn in some horrible way.
The other one, was of course my fear that I haven't picked a song for my funeral. That my death would be incomplete. It's weird how are brains work. I find it fascinating.

That is all. I have to go now, so I don't waste the entire night here on the internet. I hope that everyone's lives are going well and everyone is happy. Except George Bush Jr., Chris Canavit(?), Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Benny Hinn. Those people annoy the fuck out of me.

Have a lovely day everybody.

For the ladies, "Love and kisses on all your pink parts."
For the dudes, "Love and kisses on your ass parts." ;)
I'm so STUPID!


Mrs. H said...

Damn, I thought I had an out. You suck stupid!
I believe the spelling is Canevit, but I don't remember, probably the only reason I do remember is because you hate him and know his name.

Mrs. H said...

Been thinking that if Steven Spielburg doesn't work out, you could always try the other Steven - Seagal that is. He makes crap all the time, so would probably be honored to help you! Meaning, yours wouldn't be crap before you start insulting yourself on my behalf. We have had fun lately, probably 'cuz you are so stupid!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey movieman do what I did, I already planned my funeral, where it will be, what will be played at my wake and funeral music wise, who will perform it, where I will be buried etc.

Sounds morbid, but I did it before my weight loss surgery, as you just never know and there is a high mortality rate with it. I was blessed though. I have now officially lost 185 pounds! I weigh 150, so I have lost me plus 35 pounds. Just crazy! Oh well call me soon i would love to have you over for a home cooked dinner!

the Diva Princess