Friday, October 14, 2005

For my friend Kristina

Little things mean so much to me,
Like sitting on the couch watching T.V.

You are there by my side and I know,
That you will make me laugh while we watch a show.

Our lives are not much, but we sure have fun,
Sitting on our asses watching Real World Austin.

Sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time in your casa,
Laying around the house like Lion King's Mufasa.

I am glad we are friends, and wouldn't want you as a wife,
Because YOU are the only thing of importance in my life.

That was a poem for my friend of 16 years. She does so much for me. I wish that I could do more for her. This may be sappy, but I'm entitled to be. It's my blog. I've compared us to Luke and Leia which I thought was fitting. I also compare us to the Facts of Life theme song.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.......

A force to be reckoned with!

(Announcer's voice)
"They landed on the planet Earth via the Drive In. He has the powers to degrade himself with humor, make fun of your shoes, and use sarcasm as a security blanket. She has the power to bitch out any man or woman, make fun of the socks that you are wearing with your gay ass shoes, bitch about how she just remembered that she needs a new pair of shoes, and also uses sarcasm as a security blanket. Together they hold down couches with their asses, in order to make more room in the outside world for the people that like to exercise. They watch alot of T.V. to learn more about the planet Earth. She watches reality shows, and a show about a tree on a hill. He watches everything else, including a not too funny show about an office. They wait for their time to come, and that's when they will THINK about world domination. Tune in every weekday, to the ADVENTURES OF KRIS AND PHIL!"

Jealous much Earthlings?

HA! Suck it! You wish you were we.

Have a good day.

Tune in on my next blog to find out:
Why the Swedish Bikini team needs grannies slippers,
what's in Johnny's hair that makes it eat him,
and where you can get some gay ass shoes.

Oh they're on your feet.


Mrs. H said...

Almost brought a tear to my eye, too bad I am such a bitch though, it couldn't quite escape.

You are the best, and I love you.

I have changed my mind. I am now thinking you should get that hat to go w/ your gay ass shoes.

MOVIEMAN said...

Funny sarcastic bitch.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

OMG That was awesome! LOL you guys are so cute! Love ya!