Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hello, my friends, hello

Just got done watching The Jazz Singer with Mrs. H. It was a movie that she had watched several times in her youth. I wanted to experience that with her. It was a good movie, but I would have never watched if it weren't for the fact that she loved it. Although, now I want to see the original with Al Jolson from 1930. It was the first talking picture.

It was interesting to see the elements of a different movie that became big years later. The movie would be Pure Country, which starred another real life musician, George Strait. I believe that everyone's mother likes this movie. I know mine does. It has George Strait getting fed up with the lime light, so he just goes off and experiences life. Then people find out who he is, or someone from his other life find him. That's what happened toward the end of The Jazz Singer. Neil Diamond just walked away from his life in L.A. and became a singer in a country bar. Only to be brought back by his friend. Everyone in the movie did good, especially Laurence Olivier. I told Mrs. H. that she would have found Mr. Olivier sexy if she had seen him when he was younger.

Here are comparing pictures"

It weird what age does to you. Oh well, that's life.

Something else that I wanted to talk about is Rosa Parks. She passed away the other day. I had always thought that she was sitting in the front of the bus and didn't move to the black section in the back. The story is that she was sitting in the back of the bus in the black section, and when the bus picked up more white people they wanted her to move back even further. Basically if there were too many white people on a bus they would take over the black section. Requiring all the black people to stand. She refused to move, and the police were called. She was arrested. After this several blacks boycotted the bus. It is partially because of her that the civil rights movement started. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X began speaking and the world was forever changed. Racism still lives and it's a sad thing that the world may never be totally color blind.

On the brighter side of things, I just watched Batman Begins the other day for the second time. I enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. Then again I am a fan of Batman. Christian Bale is a very good Batman/Bruce Wayne. It had heart, action, suspense, and a bit of humor. I hope that they keep doing them like this, gritty and realistic.

The bad news for me is that I've recently bought Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, The Warriors, Stir of Echoes, and Titanic 3 disc set on DVD. I've said that I am not buying DVDs anymore, and the only truth so far is that I'm not buying as many as I used to. Most of these were bought with money that my aunt owed me. I know that I could have saved it, and that would be that much more money that I would have saved. I feel that I am doing so much better than I used to be. I have definitely decided that I will be leaving on May 1st. That is final. That will give me enough money to go on my trip and be comfortable. I know that you are all saying, "Stupid Phillip, stop buying DVDs." I just like treating myself to stuff. I also know that I should just wait 6 months and that will be my reward when I am enjoying myself on my trip. I guess I am stupid, but at least I'm happy. Lonely but happy.

Speaking of lonely, it's time to go home and watch a movie by myself. I will be working for the next 4 days and I will write something on Monday. Unless something captures my fancy before then. I wonder if, "Capture my fancy" is the same as "Make my dick twitch"? If so there are a couple of ladies in my life that have captured my fancy, but nothing else. Maybe it doesn't mean that, because a DVD, a car, a painting, nature, etc. has never captured my fancy.

I love you all, and hope you all have good days at work and in life.

Until next time,


Mrs. H said...

I was thinking of not leaving a comment just to get you all annoyed. Thanks for watching the movie w/ me and for getting it for me. It was much longer than I remember and I am tired this morning. Was getting ready to walk out the door and got a call not to come in. Gas leak in the building or something. So here I sit waiting to know when I have to go in today. Fun times.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

First of all in response to your message to me yes I read all of them not just the Robert Frost. Wow the jazz singer, I have not seen that in ages. I do have to say even though I am not a big George Strait fan, I did enjoy Pure Country. I am looking forward to going to see Raiders with you. I remember seeing it like 5 times in theatre in one weekend. Great movie! I will look into that Kevin Bacon movie you told me about, thanks!!!! Love ya!

MOVIEMAN said...

Cool. Good to know that all of you are reading my posts. Thanks