Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do you work here?/ My Life

My work clothes consist of a red polo shirt and kaki pants. The shirt reads, "Security" on the upper left front pocket area. Yet, without fail, I always get the customers from Walmart, Best Buy, or Blockbuster asking if I work there. Sometimes they don't even ask that. They will just ask me where they can find something. The shirt is FUCKING red! If I worked at Walmart I would be wearing a blue vest, and if I worked at Best Buy or Blockbuster I would be wearing a blue shirt. Correct me if I'm wrong but red and blue are totally different colors.

I know what you are saying, "Don't wear you work clothes when you go shopping." Well, I'm not going to go all the way home and change when I'm right there. I wish sometimes that I was an asshole and could say, "Does this look fucking blue to you bitch?!!!" Maybe even, "I'll help you smear preperation H all over your body, because you're a pain in my ass." Of course all I say is, "I don't work here."

What a nice guy I am. It makes me sick. I would love it if every once in awhile I could slap someone. You know the stupid people that make you wait for them to write a check at the last minute in the check out line. (It's called check out, have your fucking check out before you check out.) Or the idiot parents that don't monitor or discipline their child. (Make that kid shut up, or I will slap you so hard it will hurt him.) Or the people on the freeway who wait until the last minute to get into the lane they need to be in. (How often do you drive this fucking freeway, you should have been in the lane by now.) They want to save a couple of seconds by speeding by you and then slamming on the brakes and cutting in. (I may have already posted about these stupid people.)

Speaking of Walmart, sometimes I feel elitist when I go there. I want to beat every white trash, poor couple shopping there. They just annoy me at times. I want to push over their full carts and laugh at them. Then I realize that I am one of them. Although my excuse is that I just got off of work, and they made a special trip to come here. (Out shopping at 3:30 in the morning with your newborn son, fucking priceless.) I wonder if someday I will crack. Just go off on someone. I don't think so, but it would be fun to get it out of my system.

I know that all you Psych 101 people, or Dr. Phil watchers are going to say that I should be monitored closely. You would be wrong. I think alot of sane people feel the way I do.

Now about my life. The crazy thing when I am shopping is that I listen to people and watch them. I see what movies they are buying, or listen to their conversations about movies. My friend would say that I'm a movie snob, and I would say that I'm opinionated. The other day a woman was buying The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven. These are great films, and classics. She asked, in my opinion, the worst question that someone could ask, "Do you have these movies in FULL SCREEN?"


Wished I could slap her, but alas I could not. The 17 year old female sales associate tried to help the woman find the movies in full screen, but could not find them. This is where the "movieman" in me takes over and wants to explain to the woman the history of WIDESCREEN or LETTERBOX. I opened my mouth and explained to the lady that those movies didn't come in Full Screen. I told her that other movies have both formats, but that those did not. She was a little upset, and from what I gathered the movies were for somebody else. (What woman would like The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven?) The young sales associate did inform her that she is not missing anything with the black bars being there. The woman didn't seem to care. I explained to her that any old movie before 1953 is in full screen. She still didn't seem to care too much. She wanted these certain movies. She asked me if the VIDEOS were in full screen. I informed her that they were. She then put the DVDs back, thanked me, and walked away. I know that I have tried in vain to explain my love of movies, but some of you just don't care. There is something about the way a movie was filmed, and the vision of the director that makes the original format work so well. For the above mentioned movies they are so beautiful and to see them on t.v. or video in full screen or full frame, just destroys the movie experience. Some of you may think that a movie is a movie, but when you see the comparisons of full screen and widescreen you may change your minds.

This is Star Wars Episode II, but you get the point.

The other thing in my life is that I am trying to save money for my trip. What with Christmas coming and my generosity to myself and my friends, it is very difficult to save money. I will save it, but it's slow going. I have until May 1st. The time she is a ticking away. I have a check that is coming that is overtime, plus the one that I'm in now is overtime. That will be good for Christmas. The biggest cost will be the gas. I am still jazzed about it. That's very good for me, because back in the day the dream died quick. It won't happen again.

I am working the next three days on a patrol gig. I really hate this certain patrol that I will be doing. It is 30 hours though, and that adds to the 24 that I already have for the week. So that's nice.

The other thing about my life is that it's sad in a way that around Christmas time it is just me at my apartment listening to a Bing Crosby Christmas CD and wrapping gifts. When I am wrapping the gifts, I try to not think of myself as being alone, but of the happy people that will be getting the gifts. I am not saying this for pity. I am not my mother. I am just letting you all now that sometimes I have down moments, but that my friends are there for me and I appreciate it. (I got a little lump in my throat writing that.) Of course I have my aunt and uncle, but I only go there on Christmas Eve. The important thing is Christmas Day with my BFF/Sister and her family.

I'm sure that someday things will change for me.

I will write more next Monday.

I Love you all.

Have a beautiful day.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

LMFAO I have so wanted to slap people for the check thing also! You are the best. Saving money can be tough I agree especially when people like me remind you that they have a birthday coming up on December 27th LOL Just kidding, I have a birthday but do not need gifts, just my friends! Love ya! Hey what is everyone doing on New Year's????

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Oh and I am not getting married lol Todd and I are happy and in love, but that does not mean we are going to rush to get married. Hell we probably never will LOL I always said I would not get married again, we will see if that holds true. For now I am happy and content.

Mrs. H said...

ASS! You almost made me cry at work. Just a little teary eyed for now. I love you and you know you are always welcome at my house, and actually expected there. You can come wrap presents at my house anytime, wait til my mom gets here though, that's when we wrap.