Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The End is When?

How convicted are you to your beliefs? I believe that people say that the world will end on 12/12/2012. What does this mean? Should I scramble around and try to be enlightened before the end times?

If I was going to be hit by a bus, I couldn't avoid it by learning everything about buses. There's nothing I can do if the end is near. Even if we die physically and ascend somewhere metaphysically, we are still dying. Some say that if I'm enlightened I will go to a higher place.

Well I don't like phoney people, and I'm not going to change my ways just to try and survive. I live the way I do, and believe in what I believe in. If there is a higher power, then they will check the true intent of my heart.

Either I ascend to a higher place, or I die. No big deal. I'm not going to live in fear until then. I'm just going to live.


Mrs. H said...

Whatever makes you sleep better at night my friend....
Just remember, I don't want to know about it, just let the end of the world come.

Dakini said...

who pissed in your cheerios? I mean so who says that Buddhist are phoney because they want to attain Enlightment?

I have always been open since I was a child. Seeing Spirits, talking to Spirits etc, So is Willow...

I have seen alot of Illusions crumble just from expanding my mind. Doesn't mean ALL that practice meditation or spiritual studies are fake and scared.

I actually used to ask Matty when we first were a couple together how he felt if when we pass in the truth was that we were just put here by Aliens, and what if our Creator was some Grey Alien on a cold land. That used to scare him and not me.

Yet know being a Mother I am attached to my family, and I don't want to leave this plane. Yet by studying other cultures beliefs and just thinking and listening, I understand that I would never lose my family.

We are all Energy, that is Truth.

Everything is energy.

I just wonder Phillip...I mean I wonder who set you off? Yes there are a lot of phoney fake wanna find "GOD" people out there because they are scared. But yet could that not be blamed on our Society?
Our Government rules out of fear. I believe that our Government goes hand in hand with Christian religion and that there is no true seperation of church and state. It is a little Jedi Mind trick to sway the masses. Yet this is all just my opinion.

Everyone has there own truths, and just as Buddha had said: Never believe anything. Good words to go by. He said to not even believe what he says. You can only follow your heart. But you know even that gets tricky, as we live in a dualistic universe...you must learn to dicipher between your mind and your heart.
There is a difference.
I think Jesus had importnat messages to bring us but I think that our society, the human society has fucked up and twisted everything he was trying to teach.
Also, just a question here...how do we know who his GOD is? Christ went against the teachings of the church. Now today we are all told by SOCIETY that that is BAD....huh? So if Christ went against the teachings of the church how do we know who god really is? Is our god in fact Lucifer? Who would know? Everything I have read on this so called Lucifer, he/she/it wants to un-enslve humanity...which is what our government does.
sigh, but who knows it may have it's own agenda as well. Could something/entity be that compassionate towards freeing us from illusions?

Maybe so, good people hid the jews while Hitler turned Lunatic. Good people took in slaves and led them through the underground railroad...out of compassion, also going against the grain, against the govt, who controls our churches.

And those churches like to masqerade that they are all about Jesus, yet if they were, would they not have built the church to begin with. Christ was one deep dirty Hippie. He was supposedly quoted as saying: If you split a piece of wood you will find me etc..." Well isn't building a church with Christ on the cross a bit FUCKING morbid. I man what is the Church really doing.

I say you must read between the lines on everything. Like in the movie Patch Adams. Damn that dude that wanted people to realize that there are eight fingers there instead of what we are trained to see, the usual four if he holds four fingers up. It's all an illusion. So
For me, I have just been going along this journey since ...since being born dead and then shoked back into my body.

As far as 2012---I know scientifically speaking there is a cross that aligns with certain planets that will merge. Which includes ours.

---and Matty just interupted me about Sims characters---

Everything went out my window.

What I was getting at was to the physics of it all. If these planets merge to make a galactic center cross in the universe, overlapping one another to make the cross, would we survive in our human form?

That I don't know.

What you have brought up is such a tricky question because none of us know. I mean really, we are conditioned to think we may know...but we don't. Like those -in my opinion- funny Cathiolics who say you are going to Hell if you are not Catholic. What a riot! LMAO!

All I know is what I know.

Hw does that song go...I'm not afraid of too many things I know what I know if you know what I mean. Choke me in the shallow waters before I get to deep.


I just know what I have seen in this world on this planet with my own heart. I know the things that I have studied and just simply listened to whether I agree or not.

I have seen what most white stay at homes mom would not see...because I choose to allow the conditioned consciousness leave go of me.

I wish I could type more about it, but I can't right now.

Perhaps when the galactic cross shifts into place we will only lose our captors, our enslavers, perhaps we will be free of time, and others will see this planet with new eyes.

I dunno Phil. We will see won't we, that's all we can do is wait, all of life is made of waiting to die and go on to whatever is next is it not. From the moment we are born we are dying. So yes if people NEED to find their god, aslong as it is with true heart, unselfish motivations than I think that is great. If it is out of some god fearing panic, well then I do feel very much sadness for that human. I agree with you.

k must go get breakfast now.

I love you man. --p.ps excuse any errors was up and down helping the girls with toys and dols etc.. :P

MOVIEMAN said...

Very well put.