Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Good, the Bad, and the internet

The internet was not invented for sick child molesters to find their next victims. It was invented to help people learn. I watched Dateline the other night and they were working with law enforcement to catch child molesters that use internet chat rooms. It was a disgusting thing that these perverts would show up at a house hoping the 12 or 13 year old boy or girl would let them do something sexual. That's when the reporter from Dateline would walk out of the other room. It was great! Some ran, one got so nervous he had to lay on the kitchen floor, one was so nervous his face was twitching like crazy, but all were caught on national television.

There was a 23 year old woman that was the voice/text of the 12/13 year old boy/girl. They would step in through the back door and she would tell them to wait. As they waited, the reporter would step out. They all thought that he was either the father or law enforcement. They still didn't know they were on T.V. until after he asked them several questions, and read them the transcripts of what they wrote. Several of the people were fired from their jobs. It was so fucking great! All of these sick fucks deserve to die.


Greg said...

Annoying pedantic response: the internet was built so the military could maintain communication under nuclear attack. The learning and commerce are just a side-effect. :oP

Mrs. H said...

Yeah - well your blog may be boring to some, but that blog you forced me to listen to of Wil Wheatons is beyond boring.