Thursday, November 17, 2005

Killers and Chocolate

The Devil's Rejects are the killers that I would be if there were no reprucussions on killing people. This is the sequel to House of 1000 Corpses. The first movie was weird, but okay. This one is way better and different than the first. I won't go into what the movie's about, because if you are interested you can look it up.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came in the mail from Netflix. I watched it, not expecting much, and was pleasantly suprised. Johnny Depp was awesome as Willy Wonka. He brings so much to the characters he plays. I had heard that some people didn't like it, because he reminded people of Michael Jackson.

Once again, I won't go into what the movie is about. I'm sure you know. If not, you can look it up too. I never much cared for the original, but I really like this one.

These are two good movies that I really enjoyed. I definately recommend these, but they are an aquired taste.

Have a good day everyone.


Dakini said...

Of course, I haven't gone to your blog in days...and then when I do say if you were a killer you would be like these devil rejects. Too funny. I haven't seen the movie because of all the studying I did on serial killers etc in the past. Not to mention I just don't think I could handle it.

Though I turned to Matty and told him what you said..and I finished with.."but I wouldn't be a killer like that, I would be a Natural Born Killer. But I know you already know that. They killed all the idiots. (oh man that just reminded me of our movie collection that we lost..:( I had Thelma and Louise.) Well we had like 125 dvd movies in the cases, Then we had Disney vhs, I dunno how many of those, The muppets episodes, The planet of the Apes episodes. Then we had dvd's on spindals.

Sigh...yes we like movies.

But still I don't think I would want to see devils rejects. And yo uknow it bums me out because I used to think Rob Zombie was hot. But now I'm just freeked by him.

---Matty is trying to teach Willow counting, but she is ADD-ing out and wont listen.--- It makes me sad. :(


I really liked the chocolate factory. I LOVED Jonny as Willy. Man It was so good!

K I need to drink coffee and wake UP!

Oh p.s. the day after we talked about the Wizard Of Oz, there was a ref to one of my lj friends watching that movie. Cosmic connections man. :P

Mrs. H said...

I commented. Sorry, the writers are off tonight and it is late.