Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A mole by any other name....

I was sitting in a chair preparing for the pain. I was having a mole removed. Not by a doctor, but by a friend. Not with a laser, but with some kind of wire cutters. The mole was half connected to my back. I figured that it would be better to just get rid of it.

It all started last Thursday when I was at work. As I was getting back into my vehicle after checking in someone at the gate, I scraped my back on the door jam of my car. The mole was ripped half off of my back. It was bleeding, but I didn't know that until I got home. I was unsure if I should try to make it better, or cut it off.

After asking a few people and thinking about, I decided to cut it off. It had only given me trouble in my life, and it was only bound to continue.

So there I was, waiting for the pain. I gripped the chair and waited. I felt something happening, and no pain. I then relaxed. I asked, "Is that it?" The assassin/doctor said, "There's just a little bit more." He went at it again. That's when the pain finally showed up. He explained to me that he had accidentally grabbed my skin with the cutters. After cleaning away the blood and doing a little cosmetic touch up, I was all better. Thank goodness.

It reminded me of one of those film noir/crime movies where the bad guy has to go to a hospital, but they don't want to get busted. He calls a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a doctor that lost his license to practice medicine but will work for cheap. The guy would show up at some shitty apartment and the doctor would pull out these old rusty tools to work with. The non licensed doctor wouldn't have anything to numb the pain other than a bottle of whiskey.

Anyway, it was quite interesting. I am now all better. You never know how much something bugs you until you go without it for awhile.

My friend will say that that's how she feels about me.

All I have to say is SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all.

Have a very nice day.


Mrs. H said...

God, like I have ever been able to go w/o you for any length of time. You don't give me that option. Why do you think I am so excited for your road trip to take place? Ahhh, the peace once you are gone. Suck it - right back at ya!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

OMG so glad I chose to read your blog as I was sitting down for lunch! Well I am glad the mole is gone. I did not get by Kris's place to drop off the movie but will be in the area Friday to do it. It was awesome I watched it like 3 times, cool flick thanks! I love ya! What are you doing for Thanksgiving? You are always invited to be with us!

Cocacy said...

Thanks for the shout out on my blog! :) Very interesting if somewhat macabre story! I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Mrs. H said...

I am getting a little worried that you aren't actually saving for your trip after seeing your new link. Not too worried though - you can't stop buying DVD's and other random stuff long enought to save 50,000.00 so I guess I still get to live for some time.

Dakini said...

hmmm....I when we talked did I tell you I ripped one off when I was little
..but ah, my daughter is cursed for the mole I ripped off of my body is on her in the same exact spot... :(

It didn't hurt when I was little either, but this one that Autumn likes to half rip off of me all the time on my shoulder...I should just rip it off some day/ Thanks for the blog post!