Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No morals?

The other day I had figured out a good idea for my mother's Christmas gift. She says that she has cancer. Now the weird thing about it, is that she happened to get cancer after her boyfriend died of it. Maybe it was contagious? NO, she's a fucking liar. So my idea was to tell her that I donated 50 dollars to Cancer research. I of course wouldn't really donate the money. She always says that she will send me money or that she sent me gifts on Christmas. SHE DOESN'T. Hence my gift to her. The joke then becomes two fold. Mrs. H. and I thought that it would be very funny. Our friend the ice princess didn't think so. She said that it wasn't right to use the Cancer foundation in that way and not give them any money. I informed her that they wouldn't know anything about it. She then asked me if it was okay to do bad things as long as people don't find out. I told her yes it was. She said that she thought the joke was funny, but that she had seen people suffer from cancer and that it still wasn't right to say I was donating money when I wasn't. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that she thought this was so wrong. That is when I realized that it may because I have no morals. There are things that I find offensive, but I also like to make people laugh. Therefore, I would go for the joke over being offended. I am still perplexed by why it is so wrong to say that I am donating money when I am not. It's probably because my mom lies all the time and doesn't worry about it. So why should I?

Something that bothers me, is the way the calendar is centered around Jesus. Why is he so special? I realize that I could make my own calendar or years if I wanted to. I could start the years when I was born. That means the year would be 34 A.B. Then again who am I to have the years follow my life?

I had a dream last night that I was in an empty house with a laser cannon and I was strapped in it and shooting it into space. The aliens were attacking, but I couldn't see them. I just kept firing it. I also had a laser gun in my hand that I was firing. Suddenly I saw three white dots appear in the night sky from where I was shooting the laser. Then the white dots had white streaks coming from them. I noticed that it was the aliens firing their lasers. I started to unbuckle my harness, but had a little trouble. Finally I got unbuckled from the laser cannon, and ran into the living room. I opened the door to run outside, but I saw to alien ships landing in the street. I closed the door and was going to peek outside, but then I realized that the lasers were still on their way. I ran to the farthest bedroom and waited. That was when I woke up. My heart was pounding. It was exciting. I was alive and thankful.

I find it very interesting the way that our minds work. It is like a file cabinet. When you are in R.E.M. sleep, your mind is filing the day's events. Before I had went to bed, I was reading the script of War of the Worlds. Hence the alien invasion, and heart stopping action.

My big trip is something else that is worrying me. I mean, I brought it on myself. I can't save money. I try, but not very hard. So far I only have about 60 dollars saved. Let's see, 5000.00 minus 60.00. Wow, that's only 4940.00 left. That's 1000.00 dollars a month that I have to save to have enough by May 1st. Last night I sat in front of my DVD's and thought about selling them for about 10.00 each. I would make about 3900.00 dollars by doing that. Only if I sold all of them. I know that I would hate that because I like that I have a collection. If I sold them, then I would always think, "Wow, I had all those movies." I am hoping that my dad helps me out and my aunt and uncle who are selling their house and their car very soon. Maybe they will throw me some money, but I am not counting on it. I still have my T.V. to sell if I wanted to. Plus the ebay "Sponsor my trip" idea. Who knows? I know that I hope for an easy fix, because that would be good for me. Although, no pain no gain. If I want to go on this trip bad enough though, I would save my money. The trip will definately be worth it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.

I explain about the Virgin Mary being a cheating whore, and Joseph being a naive pussy. Virgin my ass!!!

Also, a movie review of____________.

And finally, mortality. How long will I be on this earth?

Everybody have a good time doing whatever you do.

Diva Princess, I hope things are good for you.

Mrs. H., I hope you feel better today.

I love you all.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok wow while I can see the humor I can also see the moral implications. Too much for my head, do what ya want! I am ok, still really sore from the teeth being pulled, I really did not plan on still feeling so shitty after 5 days! It hurts but I like my new smile. Call me soon. I love you!

Mrs. H said...

Now you already know that I think it is funny, and I am more then willing to help draft a fake pledge letter. If it wasn't for your Mother I might have a problem w/ it, but since it is her I don't. I don't think the Cancer Society will be offended as they don't know.
I do believe you have morals though - otherwise you would think it is ok that your loser cousin wants to date girls almost half his age.

MOVIEMAN said...

All of that is soooooooo true. Sorry for your pain DivaPrincess. No pain, no gain.