Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stocking Up?

A week before Christmas, and I'm not in my normal Christmas cheer. Why is that? I still have a couple gifts to get. Maybe that's when it'll hit me. Don't really know, but I'll find out. I'm in good spirits though. Although I did just realize that I have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas. 16 hours each day. We don't have any extra guys to cover it. Oh well, it's time and a half and it's Christmas. It's worth it.

On Tuesday I'll go shopping and start wrapping gifts. That should be when I get into the Christmas spirit. I'll buy some eggnog and play my Christmas CD. It should be fun. I think that I may even buy myself a stocking. I know it sounds stupid, but I haven't had a stocking since 1989. I used to have one that said Boo Boo on it. That was the name my family called me. It may be childish to have a stocking, but they are fun. Plus I don't have a tree or any Christmas decorations. That would help. The trouble is trying to suprise myself with the things I would put in it.

Now I'm thinking that I may be crossing a line. I may be passing into pathetic territory. I could just tell myself, "I'm buying this for the stocking." I know that you are saying, "Well yeah, that's the only way to do it." I was going to maybe close my eyes and pick something.

Okay, I'm in pathetic territory. I should leave and give up the dream. Eggnog and a Christmas CD is fine.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Big smiles.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok first of all there is nothing childish about a stocking! Ours are up and I got Todd one this year, too. Second, the spirit of this time of year is what you make of it so stop being pathetic and just have fun! Have one personality buy something for the other, then switch personalities before you open them! See there is always a way to make the holidays fun! I love ya movieman and look forward to seeing you soon! WooHoo 1 week until my birthday, as my mom would say this is my last Tuesday to be 32!

Mrs. H said...

I told you, you can come wrap w/ us Wed. night late, as my mom won't even be in til midnight.

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks Divaprincess. I am in a more Christmas spirit now that payday has come. I think you are right about the personalities. I will try that. You are so young. LOL

As for Mrs. H. I know that I can wrap gifts with you. That will be cool and I can't wait.

em said...

this is a pretty cool blog.
you have a lot to talk about, i spend my entire blogtime trying to avoid saying anything REAL at all. i think it comes from my habit of doing so in real life. well, best regards for the holidays, m.