Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To be a Hero

As far as I can remember I wanted to be a superhero. I always loved Superman. He was the best for me. Batman was cool too, but Superman was stronger.

Later in life, and especially after 9/11, I wanted to be a soldier. I always liked that kind of hero. Never leave a man behind, and all that cool stuff. Kill the terrorist and shit like that. Then I realized that that was crazy. Soldiers are dying everyday, and not in heroic ways either. Although they are dying for their country, but almost in vain. You could ask the question, "What price is Freedom?" There is no price on it, and we are very fortunate to live in this country.

Then a couple of months after 9/11 I heard about what went on inside Flight 93. The men and women on that plane that decided to try and take back from the terrorists. Shortly after that I saw bumper stickers that read, "Let's Roll!" That is what an operator overheard one passenger tell another, before they all got together and attacked the hijackers. They were a group of heroes.

You realize that an everyman could be a hero if he or she wants to be. You never know what you might do until you are confronted with a situation. Real men are forged in the heat of battle. I have always believed in that.

Captain Smith of the Titanic was a great captain, but when he faced a situation, he choked.

Sometimes the heroes are the people that you don't expect. Then again sometimes they are the people that you always expect.

I just know that I feel in my heart that I would do the right thing and be a hero. I know you will all say that I would not, and I would push one of you in harm's way. I would not. Now things may be different if I was married, but I would hope not. I would then have someone else to worry about other than myself.

There is something that I wanted to write about that happened at work on Friday. One of the owners of my security company did part of a patrol for me. He wrote down what he did or oberved, and then I wrote it down later. At one of the properties he wrote that he spoke with a resident regarding security. Then, on a later patrol of the property, he wrote that there was a black male in a black VW Jetta that "said" he was a resident. "Observed him for any suspicious activity."

This made me angry, because that is racial profiling. The man was black, so therefore he may have been lying. Only black men steal. Tell that to the two WHITE guys that robbed me at gun point. Just something I thought I'd write about it.

Something else happened today that I wanted to blog about.

Tonight I was watching E.R. with Mrs. H. and a man was dying. They called his family and they all showed up. Mrs. H. asked if any of my family would show up. I realized that my friends would show up before any of my family. I know that my mom wouldn't make it, and maybe my dad would if he had a working cell phone. My aunt and uncle might, but I'm not so sure.

So then to go along with that, I was watching this movie about Flight 93 and I started thinking, "Gee, if I was going to die and had one call to make who would I call?" The answer of course is Mrs. H. There are several reasons.

She is my best friend.
I know that if she relayed anything that I wanted to tell people, she would do it word for word. (Many a time I've heard her retell a story, and it is spot on.)
I wouldn't need to share my last moments with anyone but her.
She is the only one who really cares about me.
Last but not least, she is my Leia, my Mrs. Zuko, my BFF, and I love her very much.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Wow that was sweet. I hope you know that if I got a call from Mrs H that you were on your death bed I would be there, and probably show you my boobs one more time LOL Love ya

Mrs. H said...

Now you really DID make me cry at work fucker! I love you and of course I would be there!

MOVIEMAN said...

That's very sweet. I thank you both. Sorry Mrs. H. about crying at work. :(