Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Virgin Mary, a giant ape, and my death

If you think about it, the Virgin Mary could've just been cheating on her husband. She ends up getting pregnant and then when he asks her how that happened because she's a virgin, she tells him that it was a miracle. An angel came down from heaven and it was an immaculate comception. He being naive, in love, and a dumbass, is so happy for her. He has no idea that she has been cheating on him. That's fucked up.

Then again, it could just be a MIRACLE. They say he walked on water and turned water to wine. Immaculate conception or cheating whore?

Saw King Kong today at the Cina-capri. It was so awesome. The movie lasts 3 hours, but doesn't seem like it because of all the action. You don't see Kong for about the first 45 minutes, but when you do see him, he is amazing. At first you watch him and think wow that's really good special effects. Shortly after that you forget that he is a special effect. The interaction between him and Naomi Watts is so heart warming that it makes you cry. Yes I cried. So powerful in emotion, and thrilling in the action, that it is a good old fashion movie. The love interest that is the most exciting is Kong and Naomi Watts. She is supposed to be in love with Adrien Brody, but you can feel the love between her and Kong. So great. There were a couple of things that I could've done without, but all in all it was a good movie.

Before the movie started I saw a preview for Miami Vice the movie. It looked cool. I was a fan of the original t.v. show and can't wait for the movie. One of my favorite directors is directing it, Michael Mann. He produced and created the original. The movie stars Colin Farrell as Crockett, and Jamie Foxx as Tubbs. Michael Mann also directed Collateral, The Insider, Ali, Heat, The Last of the Mohicans, Thief, and Manhunter. If anyone I know wants to borrow these movies let me know, I would love to share the experience of them with you.

Also saw a preview for Mission Impossible III. I can't wait.

Now the thing about mortality is that we are only on this earth for a short time, and we should make it count. I'm 34 years old, and if I'm lucky I'll live to be at least 100 years old. That means that I have 66 years to have fun and enjoy my life. It's kind of sad, but we don't think about it. People don't think about death, it's an uncomfortable subject. I didn't write this to make you think of death. I wrote it so you would enjoy life.

Seize the day.

Smell a flower.


Have a lovely day.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok well hmmm, I like to believe in the immaculate conception but then again I was raised catholic LOL Glad you enjoyed King Kong. Ok so i was going to see if you know your days off after Christmas? We need to get together and with my birthday being the 27th I was thinking of having a few friends over for dinner or something that week to celebrate. Maybe Mr and Mrs H could come for a bit if Mrs H's mom would babysit for them :-)

Mrs. H said...

Yeah well I got nothing, I just don't you all whiny if I don't comment.

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks for nothing Mrs. H. Maybe diva princess.

Dakini said...

Man i need to go to sleep I can't even comment and I reallyliked the post. Love you man Im going to sleep.