Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The death of 2 fine ladies

Coretta Scott King died in her sleep last night. She was still fighting the good fight and keeping MLK's name alive. She was a good person, and seemed that she never got with any other man after her husband died. She'll be missed.

This is another person that died. She died last year in a car crash in Las Vegas. She is porn star Anna Malle. She was so funny to watch. My friend's Colleen, Serjio, Shawn, and Casey would make fun of her. She did this thing where she would go, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh!" Me writing it doesn't do it justice. It was just one of those things where a porn star runs out of things to say, and she just repeats herself. "Harder", "Faster", and blah blah blah. One time I was going to go meet her at a strip club. My lesbian friend, Colleen and I, were going to wear shirts that said "OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!" on them. I was going to do a music video of her sex scenes done to Def Leppard's Animal. Anna Malle-Animal, get it. At the beginning, the middle, and the end I would have her dialogue. It would have been funny. Maybe I'll still do that someday. Although, she had fake boobs, she was still fun to watch. Rest in peace.

Sorry if this rubs some people the wrong way, but this is from my heart.


As I was doing my security patrol at the church the other day, I decided to go into the chapel and pray. I thought that I would ask for forgiveness for driving away after hitting the dog from my previous post. I don't really believe in GOD, but I thought that it couldn't hurt. I am more agnostic than atheist. I thought that maybe if I was shown a sign then I would now that God existed and I would have forgiveness. The church was empty and I went to the front, kneeled down, and prayed. I asked from my heart and hoped that it would matter.

Nothing happened.

2 hours later when I was at another job site, I started to have a sore throat. Now at first I was like, "Oh great, I got that flu thing that everyone's getting." Then it hit me. What if it was GOD that made me have a sore throat and get sick with the flu. My punishment for driving away and letting other people handle the problem that I caused. God maybe can't forgive me just like that, he has to make me suffer. I have to understand that what I did was wrong. Then again, I don't really believe in GOD. I would need some kind of proof that he was doing this. It does make sense that he could do this. Although, the argument against it could be that everybody has had this flu thing already. I might have caught it anyway, whether I hit the dog or not.

Who's to say what it is? All I know is that I am sorry for not stopping and checking on the dog. I just should have delt with the problem myself.

They say that you learn from your mistakes, and I know I have.

To the readers out there. I hope that you can forgive me.

I love you all.

Have a nice day.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Not the same

The other day Mrs. H. read my blog and thought that I wasn't being truthful about the whispering to whales. Now, I may have gone a little overboard on the part about having a whale whisperer there, but I did mean that someone should have maybe been there to calm it down.

Maybe it wouldn't have helped anyway. My main point of that was that the whale wasn't in a tank, and my main point here is not about whale whisperers.

It's about how Mrs. H., my best friend, said that I am two different people. The one that knows her and other friends of mine, and the one that knows my cousin Brig. Her point being that I talk to Brig about things that are deep, but then when I'm with Mrs. H. I make fun of some of those kind of things. This is only for one reason. I usually only write or talk about things that will interest Mrs. H., because I want her to comment on my blog and be into what I write. Occasionally I've written about things that don't interest her and Diva Princess has commented. That makes me think, "Oh, I didn't know that she cared about such things." It's always interesting when you talk to a friend about something other than the normal shit that you talk about.

So, when I do write something about someone whispering to this whale, then Mrs. H. makes fun of me and says that I am being phoney. I only knew that she wouldn't care about such things. I know that she is sad that the whale died, but she didn't care as much as say me and Brig. Not that we are all fucking intellectuals and shit because we are far from it, but I don't speak or write about those things to Mrs. H. because I know that she has no real interest in it.

I am not two people, I am just me. I only give some of myself to some people, and the other part of me to other people. You may consider this two different people, but it's not. I will explain.

With Mrs. H. I can talk about T.V. shows, celebrity gossip, and my life.

With my friend Serjio I can talk about movies, movie production, religion, weird phenomenons, and my life.

With my friend Joe I can talk about movies, nature shows, and my life.

With my friend/cousin Brig I can talk about some movies, mystical and spiritual things, nature, the world, and my life.

Now this does not mean that I am a different with each person, it just means that I can only talk about certain things with certain people. I think that that's how everyone is. I'm sure that Mrs. H. talks to me about things that Mr. H. doesn't care about. I'm sure that Brig doesn't tell her brother Nick the deep meaningful things that she talks to her husband about.

I just wanted to clear that up. Maybe I shouldn't make fun of some things that I do care about or believe in. I believe that that's where the whole thing started in the first place. I can understand why she would think that, but I just wanted to explain.

Now for something a bit different, but still connected.

I hate to admit this, but I want to get it out there. Mrs. H. already knows this, so I will now tell the rest of you.


I so wish it was.

On the way to work the other day, I hit a dog. I slowed down and looked in the rearview mirror, and saw it in the street. The 2 cars that were behind me stopped and pulled over, plus a man that was either walking the dog or walking by ran over. I slowed way down and was trying to figure out if I should go back. I was thinking that there were alot of people there helping, and plus I didn't want to know the outcome of the dog. If he lived GREAT, but if he died I would feel really bad. I continued driving. I feel very bad and I can't believe that I didn't stop. I just remembered how messed up seeing a dog get hit 3 times by cars was, and I knew that it would probably be worse if I saw the animal and witnessed what I had done. I have no excuse for what I did, and I am sorry. I was just going to leave this a secret between Mrs. H. and I, but I thought that I should come clean. So I did. I still feel bad over it. For the record there was nothing I could have done to avoid it, but there was something I could have done after. So sorry to anyone that this brings bad feelings to.

I'm going to go to work for 3 days and then I'll write more when I come back.

Take care and have a nice day.

Sorry again.

I love you all.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not trying to steal thunder from blogger

I have just recent signed up at myspace.com. It is quite different then blogger. I like it and it's addicting. I already have a porn star as one of my friends, Janine. At first I signed on as a joke, but then Mrs. H. signed on and was taking it serious. I thought well shit, maybe I'll change mine. It was Shitty Kittens of Turkmenistan and my name was Meldesh Ragnorik. I was born in Turkmenistan. After spending about 8 hours on myspace and thinking about how I could do different things, I realized that I would change it.

I put down my real name, picture (Except my main pic is Scarface), interests, and whatever else. The only thing I didn't change was the "about me" section. I thought that that was funny just the way that it was. I realized that I could do movie reviews (old and new), and I could right more about scripts or movies then I do here. When I write here, I try to write something that my 2 friends who read this will enjoy. I may get tired of having two different places to post, but then again I can give a little of me here and a little of me there.

My website on myspace.com is on my links.

It should be fun. I also just asked Dane Cook to be add me as a friend. He's a comedian. I don't know what else to say, but it's getting late and I should be going. I'll talk to you later.

Why do you drive on parkway, and park in a driveway. I may have used that one before but oh well.

Don't worry be happy.

I'm very excited to be moving in with Rob. I think that it will be very cool, because we can brainstorm on ideas for scripts and work on movies. Plus like he said it'll be like a movie class for him, because I can show him movies that he hasn't seen before. I love doing that. I haven't had a roommate for awhile now, and I think it'll be fun. I will be saving so much money also. It's going to be wicked cool. March 1st is the day. I'm still working on saving the money for my trip. When I get my taxes back, I'll almost be at 1000.00 dollars. That's not much, but it's a start. I still would have to come up with 4000.00 more dollars, plus the rent for while I'm gone. That's 1800.00 dollars right there. Although, Rob did say that he maybe could let me slide for a month. We will see how it all plays out. It should be interesting.

Take care and have a good day.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Surely you can't be serious?" "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley."

So I was watching the news the other day and I see that a whale was stuck in the Thames. I thought that that was really cool that so many people were pulling for him. They talked about how they brought in a ship to transport it, and I'm still thinking that this is cool that they are going to help the whale. They lift him with a crane, and I'm waiting to see where they are going to put him. I want to see the size of this tank of water. They have to have a huge tank of water, it would only make sense.

That's when I see it........

A guy with a hose spraying the whale. How dumb can you fucking be. No tank, just lay him on the deck and spray some water on him. Keep him wet, that'll work. MY ASS! Nobody talking softly to the whale, or anything.

Just a guy with a hose probably saying, "Uh, you'll be alright. We're almost there." Probably some sailor who only knows that he has to keep this THING wet.

Now it's not his fault. Like New Orleans, it's the fault of the people who come to the rescue. They have no fucking plan. Whales have been trapped in shallow water before and you would think that they would have a contingency plan, but NO!

"Gee Nigel, what are we gonna do?"
"Lets haul it out to sea."
"We'll put it on a ship."
"How do we keep it wet?"
"Spray some water on it."
"Will that work?"
"That's what they usually do."
"Oh, your right."

THAT'S WHAT THEY USUALLY DO. The thing is that nobody has said, "Hey, I don't think that this works to well. It's too risky." NO, they just figure if it worked once it will work again. Maybe they haven't heard of the LAW OF AVERAGES.

Even the crew of the Enterprise constructed a whale tank in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Captain Kirk didn't say, "We'll just keep it wet." He fucking knew because that's the proper way to do it. I know that it was just a movie and Kirk is only a character, but they need somebody like that to figure these things out.

Will they build tanks for rescue operations?
I hope so, but probably not.

Response to disasters are changing because of what happened in New Orleans. The President of the United States even admitted to dropping the ball on that one. Not that I like him as a President, but I admire what he did. Although, if he didn't he would have looked like an ass. The point is that we knew the U.S. didn't do the right thing in New Orleans, and we know that these people didn't rescue the whale properly.

People are stupid. I mean look at these two miners that were trapped because of the fire. Well if the fire department could have got to them on time then those guys may have lived. Instead they were held up at the front gate waiting for clearance. By the time they were let in it was too late.

The thing that gets me is this. After they found the 2 dead miners they informed the media that there was going to be a meeting with top officials, and they would discuss what the problem was with response time. Now here's what gets me. They said that also in this meeting they will discuss putting oxygen tanks in the tunnels every so many feet. I just started laughing when I heard this. I was in the lunch room at work and was just laughing. Not for the dead people mind you, but for the sheer fact that they didn't already have oxygen in the fucking tunnels to begin with. Now my friend Serjio who works for the news informed me that they did have oxygen in the tunnels already, but now they want more. Still I just can't help but think that that's a NO SHIT move on their part. It just pisses me off.

Sorry for the big old post, but I was angry.

It's time for me to leave now. I'm sorry that I can't leave you with something funny, but it's way too early or late however you look at it.

I'll write more tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone.

Love ya all.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Here I go again

Had to change the beautiful blonde natural breasts for Keifer Sutherland. Mrs. H. couldn't look at that at work. Anything for my friend.

Speaking of 24, I am glad that Mr. and Mrs. H. watched it. I love the show myself, and am glad to always share things with people. The tagline last year for 24 was, "You don't know Jack!" That is always the coolest because you don't know what Jack is going to do.

This morning I went shopping and bought 3 things for Ryster, and 2 things for the T man. I couldn't help it. I see these things that I know that they would enjoy, or that would look cute on or around Ryster and I buy them. I also bought 2 more toys for my cousin Sarah's baby Sinjalee. I only spent 20 bucks on myself, but my friends will say that that is too much. Maybe so, but I like to see people happy.

Pretty funny because I wrote the Fight Club rant and then ran to Walmart to buy all these gifts for people. Walmart is like the Third Reich of department stores. They are an evil empire, but things are so cheap. That's what you say when you are there, "It's so cheap though, I should pick it up anyway." Very evil. I actually did good for myself. I was going to buy Ferris Beuller's Day Off for 12 dollars but I realized that I wouldn't watch it alot. Same thing for Private Parts with Howard Stern for 5.50, but I realized that I used to own that and watched it twice and that was enough. I feel that I did good. For me that is really good.

I may have transformed my friend into believing in Cosmic Coincidences. At least realizing that they are weird. She actually had one. That thing I read before was that it is God Winking at us, letting us know that he's there.

I really don't have much more to write. I once again will work two 16 hour shifts and then an 8 hour one, and then I will be off for 4 days. I love it. So, I will talk to ALL my fans on Monday.

Everybody enjoy their lives, every day.

Until next we meet,

Peace Dog.
i know how you feel, i just don't care.

Who's Your Happy Bunny?
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The long and short of it

No, not my penis.

I just watched a movie called Lord of War. It was a good movie, but it makes you think. Like how much money would it take for you to sell arms to a country knowing full well that they will use them to kill people. Could you do it? I know that I couldn't, but then again I borrow trouble on everything.

Also Shelley Winters died of a heart attack earlier this week. She was a great actress. She was in Lolita, A Place in the Sun, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Poseidon Adventure, and Roseanne. There are several others, but I thought I'd only mention the ones that I've seen. She hadn't acted recently, but she'll be missed.

Something else is the fact that morning radio really sucks, and I am so glad that I bought Sirius satellite radio. I can listen to Howard Stern in the morning, or on the rerun at night. You never realize how good something is until you go without. I can only imagine that about morning radio, but Mrs. H. and others tell me so.

Now for something that I found last night while surfing the internet. Please take the little bit of time to read it.

If you've seen the movie Fight Club then you'll understand why it's so fucked up what this person wrote. I am not sure if they are being facicious or not. It sounds like they mean what they write.


Rebel Consumer
If I'm not my f'ing khakis, am I my f'ing leather pants?
Fight Club wants you to shop—at really cool stores.
::: dupe

After watching Fight Club, I resolved to change, to be different, to rebel. I would no longer frequent Starbucks, no longer wear Old Navy, no longer listen to N'Sync. I was determined to resist consumer culture with a vengeance.

So I went shopping.

If you're going to be Tyler Durden, you have to have the right look, the right style, the right kick-ass vibe. At Urban Outfitters, you can buy a wardrobe of dissent for less than $600. All the products there have that fuck you attitude, which is to say they all appear to be worn-out and retro-fied. Shopping at Urban Outfitters gives you instant "rebel" credibility. Tyler may mock Gap, but he's not going to mock a store that's sells Atari T-shirts for $28. Hell, just visit the nearest Urban Outfitters, and you'll see Tyler Durdens and Marla Singers everywhere.

I ended up spending $565 for a jacket, a pair of leather pants, and three Ben Sherman buttondown shirts. Afterwards, I got myself a tattoo that said "fuck consumerism." I felt so liberated, so free from the mass conformity of our commercialized culture. I felt like one of those rebels in the "defy convention" Reebok advertisements, transgressing the "norms" of our civilized society. Inspired, I got online and immediately ordered a pair of The Pump Fury Reeboks for $109.99 and downloaded the "defy convention" screensaver for inspiration. Before I disconnected, I went on eBay and made a bid for a bar of pink Fight Club soap. I couldn't think of a better way to remind myself of the mindless consumerism of our age than to buy some pink Fight Club soap.

I thank Tyler, and Fight Club, that I'm no longer a slave to commercial products.

If you are really serious about rebelling against consumerism, shop at the following stores:


Now how messed up is that. The movie is about consumerism and how it's taken over our society. I believe it even says that in the rant. Then the person says that to be like Tyler Durden you should go and buy the expensive clothes that he wears in the movie. A pure Tyler Durden would shop at the thrift stores. If you've seen the movie though, you know what Tyler Durden actually is. The thing is that whoever wrote that missed the point of the movie by leaps and bounds.

Unless they were just being funny. I DOUBT IT!

Fight Club is such a cool fucking movie. Although, if you did what the movie says to do you would live like a bum or a poor person. Where do you draw the line on consumerism?

"The things you own, end up owning you."

That's a quote from the movie, and it speaks volumes.

"We work at jobs we hate to buy crap we don't need."

This is so true, but we are Americans and that's what we do. Everybody wants the newest IPOD, Big screen tv, video game system, or even Satellite radio. Why do we do it? I can't explain it, but I do want the best when it comes to certain things. Then again why is that? Are the American people saying that they are the best and deserve the best, or is it just the fact that we want new toys?

Like the scene in 2001, where the ape picks up a bone and starts using it as a weapon. It is in our blood in a way, but not. I know that it shouldn't be, but as society changes, so do we. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's a fact of life.

Like my cousin, I would love to be pure and not have a materialistic society. After I saw Fight Club for the first time, I realized that that was how I wanted to be. I would sit and think how great that could be. Then I would end up going to Best Buy to buy the newest DVD or CD. It would take the altering of not only the mind set of the human body, but our place in society.

If I really wanted to, I could be that guy.

I don't see that happening right now, out of my own volition.

Thanks for listening.

Have a good day.

P.S. I'm doing survey.

My friend Serjio and I were talking and found out that me, him, and his wife have moles in pubic area. I thought that was interesting and thought that I would ask others. If you want to answer please do, and if not that is of course fine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Objects in the road

Not be taken literally.

I am of course having a hard time saving money for my trip. I am still looking at that as a goal. Although, I have just found out that the roommate situation is going as planned. Just a little sooner than I thought. I will be moving in with Rob on April 1st. Now the good thing is that I will have company and be in a creative environment. I fucking love that. The bad thing is that Rob can't afford me to take 3 or 4 months off of paying rent. I know that we will be able to do the movies that I've always wanted to make, but I am not sure about my trip. I am not defeating my self, I am just saying that it may not be able to work like I thought or as soon as I thought. I've been thinking that maybe I could cut the trip into like 3 different segments. The West Coast, the East Coast, and the Middle of America would all be small enough, but fun enough. The good thing is that it would be cheaper, but the bad thing is that it wouldn't be as long. I would still have fun no matter what.

Hell, I have fun taking a bath.

I'm very excited though about this new living arrangement. I think it will be awesome. My friend Serjio said that he would love to see me go on my trip, but if I didn't and I actually made a movie or something that that would be awesome. I agree. I think that Rob and I could brain storm and come up with all kinds of good ideas.

I will figure it out.

Maybe I should walk first before I run. Meaning that I should get my fucking car fixed first before I figure out how long my trip will be.

The thing is this. I've waited almost my whole life to make a movie. To make the images in my head come to life. I tried once and, as luck would have it, couldn't get all the people together. Not just you Divaprincess, but Ceasar too. That was the coolest time in my life was directing that short film. I want to finish that, and make more. I need to see if my dream is possible or if I'm just no good.

The other thing is this. I've wanted to go on this trip for 10 years or more. I have it all in my head. Where I'll go and what I'll see. It would be the best.

Either one is good.

I love you all and thanks for listening.

P.S. Divaprincess, I have an idea on how to finish the short film. I would take over Ceasar's part. We would refilm the whole thing. Serjio said that he's all for it. We could work around your schedule. Let me know what you think.

If Meyerhaus is reading this I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you. I'll have to get your number from Mrs. H.

Mrs. H. if you guys really don't want to watch 24 that's fine. I just thought that you might enjoy it. Just let me know.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crazy woman on Trading Spouses


This is definately me

The Dog
DOG - Your daemon may be a dog if you are loyal and
caring, and like to know what is expected of
you. You probably are very family oriented, and
have a small group of friends that you are very
close to, rather than a large group of
acquaintances. You dislike confrontation, but
you will stand up and fight for the people and
issues that you really care about. You may
prefer someone else to take the lead in a
situation, although you would rather take the
lead yourself than have the situation fall
apart. You probably enjoy routine and order,
but that doesn't mean you don't like to have
fun. If anything, your friends probably know
you for getting intense, child-like pleasure in
the small things in life.

What Is Your Daemon?
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I'm not talking about the movie with Jet Li. I'm talking about the way I feel. I am very happy right now. I have no rhyme or reason I just am.

If the world ends in 2012 I will be ready to fight off evil. I have my Ring Pop, jumper cables, Oreo cookies, and White leather chair to try an fend off the evil spirits or whatever. I will first extend my fist with the Ring Pop on it and yell, "Away evil spirits!" Then I will offer the jumper cables as a jump rope, for them to have fun with. Then I will seduce them with the power of the Oreo cookie and some milk, because they forever go together. If that doesn't work then I will sit in my white leather chair and wait for sweet death. The end will not be in my lifetime. If it is though, I will call my cousin and tell her that I am sorry that I didn't believe her.

Something else that is interesting is the crappy shows that I watch while I'm over at my friend Mrs. H's house. I don't mind it much, because we are still hanging out.

Shawn was sick today and couldn't meet me for mexican dinner. That was fine with me, I was able to sleep.

I will be thinking of better stuff to write for tomorrow. I know that I don't have to, but I like to. It is usually so late that I can't think of much to write. I am trying to rack my brain and come up something witty.


Once again, I love you all and I hope you have a good day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Out of the wood work

My friend Shawn wants to meet with me Tuesday afternoon and talk over mexican food. I am fine with that, but the weird thing is that he wants us to be the way that we were. I don't know if things will ever be the way they were. I tried to be his friend before and he wouldn't return my calls or not be available to hang out. He was into the drug dealing scene and all that. I couldn't care any less about drug dealers.

We were so close that we could bring up conversations from earlier in the day or the week, and we would know what eachother was talking about. Then he became a drug dealer and we ceased to be friends. I informed him recently that I was content with losing him as a friend, because things like that happen. This really made him sad. He said that we were so close he can't believe that I would just give up on it so easy. I have informed him that I tried to be his friend, but after awhile it was no use.

Now after the drug dealing is over, along with his 1000 dollar a week Cocaine habit. He is a miserable person now. Living at home with his mom and dad, and drinking all the time. Suddenly he realizes what he had, and he wants it back. It will never be the same. I am pretty much done with the friendship, but who knows. I don't see it turning out like he suspects.

I know that this all sounds melodramatic and gay, but a friendship is a relationship. I will meet with him and pay him the money I owe for a coffee pot I bought from him a year ago. We will see what happens then.

He has become fat and miserable, and I think that he wants pity. He brought it all on himself and that's why I feel no pity for him. He tells me how he feels and I just don't feel the same anymore.

I hold my friends very dear to my heart, and will do anything for them. When you betray me in a way, it is hard for me to let you back in. Like I said I will meet with him, but I seriously don't see any kind of rekindled friendship coming from this.

That's how I see it.

The friends that are reading this.

Thank you for being a friend.

P.S. Mrs. H. the woman played Amanda on Ned and Stacey and she was in A View from the Top.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here's another funny one


Ninjas are cool.

I would write more but I have been here way too long.

I'm thinking of some funny, fucked up, wacky shit.

No worries.

Have fun and enjoy life.

Funny Shit


This was a video that Kevin Smith showed on The Tonight Show. It was not a Japanimation video at that time. It was with Dante and Randall from Clerks. If you haven't seen clerks, you really should. Let me know if you haven't and I'll bring it over.