Thursday, January 19, 2006

Here I go again

Had to change the beautiful blonde natural breasts for Keifer Sutherland. Mrs. H. couldn't look at that at work. Anything for my friend.

Speaking of 24, I am glad that Mr. and Mrs. H. watched it. I love the show myself, and am glad to always share things with people. The tagline last year for 24 was, "You don't know Jack!" That is always the coolest because you don't know what Jack is going to do.

This morning I went shopping and bought 3 things for Ryster, and 2 things for the T man. I couldn't help it. I see these things that I know that they would enjoy, or that would look cute on or around Ryster and I buy them. I also bought 2 more toys for my cousin Sarah's baby Sinjalee. I only spent 20 bucks on myself, but my friends will say that that is too much. Maybe so, but I like to see people happy.

Pretty funny because I wrote the Fight Club rant and then ran to Walmart to buy all these gifts for people. Walmart is like the Third Reich of department stores. They are an evil empire, but things are so cheap. That's what you say when you are there, "It's so cheap though, I should pick it up anyway." Very evil. I actually did good for myself. I was going to buy Ferris Beuller's Day Off for 12 dollars but I realized that I wouldn't watch it alot. Same thing for Private Parts with Howard Stern for 5.50, but I realized that I used to own that and watched it twice and that was enough. I feel that I did good. For me that is really good.

I may have transformed my friend into believing in Cosmic Coincidences. At least realizing that they are weird. She actually had one. That thing I read before was that it is God Winking at us, letting us know that he's there.

I really don't have much more to write. I once again will work two 16 hour shifts and then an 8 hour one, and then I will be off for 4 days. I love it. So, I will talk to ALL my fans on Monday.

Everybody enjoy their lives, every day.

Until next we meet,

Peace Dog.


Mrs. H said...

I much prefer that God is winking at you to cosmic coincedence, but I believe in God and you don't! That is why he hates you.

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Mrs. H said...

go here now!