Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here's another funny one

Ninjas are cool.

I would write more but I have been here way too long.

I'm thinking of some funny, fucked up, wacky shit.

No worries.

Have fun and enjoy life.


Mrs. H said...

Yeah I couldn't sit thru 2 more minute of Anime. I lasted as long as long as I did watching - only because I thought of the FREAK Jackie that liked Billy that is now w/ Adam, and her doing Ninja rols at the park one night - thinking she was all cool. In her case, Ninjas are funny and not just looking either.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck...?!?! I want something funny now.


Dakini said...

LMAO I should have chased him further down the road that Valentines...I was o pissed at him ..fucking loser!

Dakini said...

um you know that was to Kris about Adam!
By the way hi Dave M... My brother Nic misses you.

Anonymous said...


Hope all is weel and tell Nic i said hi and a game of raquette ball would be nice.

Mrs. H said...

You really should let go of your anger Dakini. :) I had great satisfaction in throwing in the dumpster pretty much everything he owned whne he never came to get it.