Thursday, January 19, 2006

The long and short of it

No, not my penis.

I just watched a movie called Lord of War. It was a good movie, but it makes you think. Like how much money would it take for you to sell arms to a country knowing full well that they will use them to kill people. Could you do it? I know that I couldn't, but then again I borrow trouble on everything.

Also Shelley Winters died of a heart attack earlier this week. She was a great actress. She was in Lolita, A Place in the Sun, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Poseidon Adventure, and Roseanne. There are several others, but I thought I'd only mention the ones that I've seen. She hadn't acted recently, but she'll be missed.

Something else is the fact that morning radio really sucks, and I am so glad that I bought Sirius satellite radio. I can listen to Howard Stern in the morning, or on the rerun at night. You never realize how good something is until you go without. I can only imagine that about morning radio, but Mrs. H. and others tell me so.

Now for something that I found last night while surfing the internet. Please take the little bit of time to read it.

If you've seen the movie Fight Club then you'll understand why it's so fucked up what this person wrote. I am not sure if they are being facicious or not. It sounds like they mean what they write.


Rebel Consumer
If I'm not my f'ing khakis, am I my f'ing leather pants?
Fight Club wants you to shop—at really cool stores.
::: dupe

After watching Fight Club, I resolved to change, to be different, to rebel. I would no longer frequent Starbucks, no longer wear Old Navy, no longer listen to N'Sync. I was determined to resist consumer culture with a vengeance.

So I went shopping.

If you're going to be Tyler Durden, you have to have the right look, the right style, the right kick-ass vibe. At Urban Outfitters, you can buy a wardrobe of dissent for less than $600. All the products there have that fuck you attitude, which is to say they all appear to be worn-out and retro-fied. Shopping at Urban Outfitters gives you instant "rebel" credibility. Tyler may mock Gap, but he's not going to mock a store that's sells Atari T-shirts for $28. Hell, just visit the nearest Urban Outfitters, and you'll see Tyler Durdens and Marla Singers everywhere.

I ended up spending $565 for a jacket, a pair of leather pants, and three Ben Sherman buttondown shirts. Afterwards, I got myself a tattoo that said "fuck consumerism." I felt so liberated, so free from the mass conformity of our commercialized culture. I felt like one of those rebels in the "defy convention" Reebok advertisements, transgressing the "norms" of our civilized society. Inspired, I got online and immediately ordered a pair of The Pump Fury Reeboks for $109.99 and downloaded the "defy convention" screensaver for inspiration. Before I disconnected, I went on eBay and made a bid for a bar of pink Fight Club soap. I couldn't think of a better way to remind myself of the mindless consumerism of our age than to buy some pink Fight Club soap.

I thank Tyler, and Fight Club, that I'm no longer a slave to commercial products.

If you are really serious about rebelling against consumerism, shop at the following stores:

Now how messed up is that. The movie is about consumerism and how it's taken over our society. I believe it even says that in the rant. Then the person says that to be like Tyler Durden you should go and buy the expensive clothes that he wears in the movie. A pure Tyler Durden would shop at the thrift stores. If you've seen the movie though, you know what Tyler Durden actually is. The thing is that whoever wrote that missed the point of the movie by leaps and bounds.

Unless they were just being funny. I DOUBT IT!

Fight Club is such a cool fucking movie. Although, if you did what the movie says to do you would live like a bum or a poor person. Where do you draw the line on consumerism?

"The things you own, end up owning you."

That's a quote from the movie, and it speaks volumes.

"We work at jobs we hate to buy crap we don't need."

This is so true, but we are Americans and that's what we do. Everybody wants the newest IPOD, Big screen tv, video game system, or even Satellite radio. Why do we do it? I can't explain it, but I do want the best when it comes to certain things. Then again why is that? Are the American people saying that they are the best and deserve the best, or is it just the fact that we want new toys?

Like the scene in 2001, where the ape picks up a bone and starts using it as a weapon. It is in our blood in a way, but not. I know that it shouldn't be, but as society changes, so do we. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's a fact of life.

Like my cousin, I would love to be pure and not have a materialistic society. After I saw Fight Club for the first time, I realized that that was how I wanted to be. I would sit and think how great that could be. Then I would end up going to Best Buy to buy the newest DVD or CD. It would take the altering of not only the mind set of the human body, but our place in society.

If I really wanted to, I could be that guy.

I don't see that happening right now, out of my own volition.

Thanks for listening.

Have a good day.

P.S. I'm doing survey.

My friend Serjio and I were talking and found out that me, him, and his wife have moles in pubic area. I thought that was interesting and thought that I would ask others. If you want to answer please do, and if not that is of course fine.


MOVIEMAN said...

Okay so I just reread it and it sounds like the person in being sarcastic, but who knows.

Dakini said...
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Dakini said...

Okay I had to delete my other post, it had too many errors.

so here we go with my comment, though mind you these are all just words. Please do not take anything I write here as insult, or what not.

Yes Movie Man the person is mocking society and the very thing that you said. Something about wanting to live the fight club way, yet you go out to Best Buy and buy a brand new C.D.

It is in this society, 90 percent of the population lives that way.

You are right when you say it can be changed, it would take what happened to us in New Orleans for people to truly change.

All of the donated things we have, if need be we can walk away from them. We know how to do that, I know that yo u know how to do that.

However if what happened in New Orleans happened in a mass global action, too many humans would die. Just too many. I believe that it has to happen in waves and everyone will be getting their portion of it.

It has happened in Certain parts of countries all over the world quite rapidly since the 2004/2005 Tsunami. It will continue.

Although yes we were capable of giving up our possessions on many numerous occasions with all of our vagabond moves across the country, not all humans are ready for that as they are conditioned, just like the writer explains in his post about consumerism.

After Katrina hit I remember this really wealthy family, the had a huge home, the husband had a hundred thousand dollar a year income job, they were soooo spoiled, they went on and on talking about their luxurious life style and how after Katrina it didn't matter, all that work, their lives work at the same job in the big house with their fancy cars and clothes, none of it mattered because all of it is gone. In a matter of days they became lower than lower class society. No home, No job, etc.

For them, it was hard, to lose all of those possessions and social standings. They cried about it.

You know what I cried about? The kitten that ended up drowning because it didn't trust us. The Aquarium animals that were being shot in the head by police officers so they wouldn't suffer.

The people who were all around me who you couldn't tell if they were dead or alive.

The women and children who were gang raped when they thought they were in a safe shelter.

You see, people are going to need a tragedy of severe consequences to really WAKe up. That is or most be the nature of it now..the nature of it now meaning this society that we live in.

It is polluted and full of illusion.

I know most people don't understand what I mean when i say that we are living in an illusion. It is rather hard to show someone that path.

Why I like Buddhism. If you really study it, not as a religion but as a concept, a way of life, people could change.

It's that we have been so brainwashed that no one wants to understand that they are slaves. We all are. Think about your birth certificate and social security card. Who made you get that? It is an enslavement and the best way to keep us appeased is to flash all the eye candy around us so that we as humans step farther and farther away from the Truth!

When a kidnapper is going to abduct a child so he or she can do awful things to that child, how do they blind that child from fear of what the truth is going to be? Do they walk up and say, hey kid come with me because I am going to torture you and then kill you?! No they don't! They use misdirection just as our government has set it up so that we buy into tis consumerism. Alluding us from what we were placed here for.

It goes way back, it goes back to the stories of the Annanuki.

Perhaps we are Created from them. Perhaps this is just a big experiment that they are controlling, not unlike what our human scientists do to caged animals in a controlled environment.

if the rat completes his way through the maze give him a reward, if he messes up, shock him,

If we our good little abiding citizens who are in fear of our big brothers, then what do we do. We go for the brand spanking new eye candy. Never mind that say you are a coal miner digging out and ripping up the guts of the Earth whom is deteriorating because of your job. Damn you can't help it right? The Big Brother knows you live in a poor industrialized Midwestern place in middle America. You have a wife, kids, you need a job to feed them and your farm was sold out from under you because big brother wanted to make a highway there. Which by the way was just a ploy.. they don't fucking care about the highway, that my friend was the misdirection, just like a magician. You believe the highway was the reason for your farm being bought out from under you...but it goes deeper, just like when connect Kevin Bacon to an actor in the Kevin Bacon game, there are always a chain of events that lead you to the end .
Big Brother sold the farm so that farmer in Middle America wasn't going to be able to produce healthy crops any more. Those good organic foods aren't filled with chemicals altering the mass of human populations chemical makeup with petrol chemicals and loads of other fun and exciting tests that they are pulling on us the caged in Rat. So Stop the good farmer and thus he is unemployed, but no, no worries big brother smiles along just as the scientist would comfort the rat. Try again little rat, but try this way this time and maybe you will get the cheese, and then become addicted to it for fear of the shocking pain yo u went through when yo u messed up the first time. So Rat thinks that Mr. Scientist isn't bad, he just comforted him didn't he? He helped him, he showed him the new way to the cheese.

As Farmer in Middle America is being giving the new Coal mining job he doesn't see that it is all a ply to dig and work for the big man and big man's dirty truth, because well heck he is making more money than before so now he can afford a really nice house and things for his wife and children, nice ..lots of consumerism junk he never wanted or needed for before.

so..I lost my train of thought a car door slammed outside.

But yeah. that's all I have to say for now .

no spell check sorry man.

Oh and thanks for calling me back the other night. Matty figured you would be the guy to contact in regards to any movie about Martin Luther King. :P

I'm going to quit typing and read more.

Love you!
Thursday, January 19, 2006 11:07:36 AM

Okay, I was thinking , let me add that obviously we are sucked into the way of living in this society as well. Here we are in this home, where we have to work normal jobs not of the land to feed ourselves and our children.
So you know... who knows I might just be full of shit when it comes to what I stated above, I have no real clue... do any of us?
god sorry about my awful spelling errors, I was typing away and not paying attention.

Anyway I forgot the mole thing.

Well yeah I have one. So does Matty.

Also I did a little checking into the mole thing back in New Orleans. But what I found is that most everyone I associated with had a mole behind their ...shoot it was either the right or left ear. It's been so long I can't remember now.

Mrs. H said...

Were you still drinking your Starbucks while writing this? and still wearing your 'leather' jacket that almost wasn't good enough for you last week, that you wanted to buy a new one that really was leather but instead bought your DVD player to play your hundreds of movies? :0) Sounds good but it'll never happen.
Oh, and no moles that I know of down there.

Dakini said...

lmao at movieman after reading Mrs H.'s comment. You Really wanted a REAl leather Jacket MovieMan?