Friday, January 27, 2006

Not the same

The other day Mrs. H. read my blog and thought that I wasn't being truthful about the whispering to whales. Now, I may have gone a little overboard on the part about having a whale whisperer there, but I did mean that someone should have maybe been there to calm it down.

Maybe it wouldn't have helped anyway. My main point of that was that the whale wasn't in a tank, and my main point here is not about whale whisperers.

It's about how Mrs. H., my best friend, said that I am two different people. The one that knows her and other friends of mine, and the one that knows my cousin Brig. Her point being that I talk to Brig about things that are deep, but then when I'm with Mrs. H. I make fun of some of those kind of things. This is only for one reason. I usually only write or talk about things that will interest Mrs. H., because I want her to comment on my blog and be into what I write. Occasionally I've written about things that don't interest her and Diva Princess has commented. That makes me think, "Oh, I didn't know that she cared about such things." It's always interesting when you talk to a friend about something other than the normal shit that you talk about.

So, when I do write something about someone whispering to this whale, then Mrs. H. makes fun of me and says that I am being phoney. I only knew that she wouldn't care about such things. I know that she is sad that the whale died, but she didn't care as much as say me and Brig. Not that we are all fucking intellectuals and shit because we are far from it, but I don't speak or write about those things to Mrs. H. because I know that she has no real interest in it.

I am not two people, I am just me. I only give some of myself to some people, and the other part of me to other people. You may consider this two different people, but it's not. I will explain.

With Mrs. H. I can talk about T.V. shows, celebrity gossip, and my life.

With my friend Serjio I can talk about movies, movie production, religion, weird phenomenons, and my life.

With my friend Joe I can talk about movies, nature shows, and my life.

With my friend/cousin Brig I can talk about some movies, mystical and spiritual things, nature, the world, and my life.

Now this does not mean that I am a different with each person, it just means that I can only talk about certain things with certain people. I think that that's how everyone is. I'm sure that Mrs. H. talks to me about things that Mr. H. doesn't care about. I'm sure that Brig doesn't tell her brother Nick the deep meaningful things that she talks to her husband about.

I just wanted to clear that up. Maybe I shouldn't make fun of some things that I do care about or believe in. I believe that that's where the whole thing started in the first place. I can understand why she would think that, but I just wanted to explain.

Now for something a bit different, but still connected.

I hate to admit this, but I want to get it out there. Mrs. H. already knows this, so I will now tell the rest of you.


I so wish it was.

On the way to work the other day, I hit a dog. I slowed down and looked in the rearview mirror, and saw it in the street. The 2 cars that were behind me stopped and pulled over, plus a man that was either walking the dog or walking by ran over. I slowed way down and was trying to figure out if I should go back. I was thinking that there were alot of people there helping, and plus I didn't want to know the outcome of the dog. If he lived GREAT, but if he died I would feel really bad. I continued driving. I feel very bad and I can't believe that I didn't stop. I just remembered how messed up seeing a dog get hit 3 times by cars was, and I knew that it would probably be worse if I saw the animal and witnessed what I had done. I have no excuse for what I did, and I am sorry. I was just going to leave this a secret between Mrs. H. and I, but I thought that I should come clean. So I did. I still feel bad over it. For the record there was nothing I could have done to avoid it, but there was something I could have done after. So sorry to anyone that this brings bad feelings to.

I'm going to go to work for 3 days and then I'll write more when I come back.

Take care and have a nice day.

Sorry again.

I love you all.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

WOW! This was a pretty deep message today. First let me start with the dog, I am sorry that happened to you, I know it is a devastating feeling, especially if you are an animal lover, which I know you are. I can not say if I would have done the same or different about going back, it is one of those things you are not sure of until it actually happens to you. Now the whale thing, while I am sad when I hear stories like this, it makes me also wonder "Did this happen so that in the future it will be handled differently?" everything happens for a reason so maybe this was a martyr whale to teach people along the Thames how to do a proper rescue. I always try to look for the positive, sometimes that bites me in the ass cause I am too nice, but oh well. I agree that every friendship is different. I say stuff to Mrs H that I cannot to my other friends, Mrs H is the one person that I can say anything to. She laughs at me a lot cause I am weird, but that is one of the things I love about her. You movie man I think I can say most anything to also. Weird we have never really hung out a lot or really developed a seperate friendship from Mrs H, but I am very comfortable talking to you.I think with that movie not getting completed and me saying yup movieman I flaked and screwed things up for you, it opened a new door for us to communicate and be open. See another everything happens for a reason. I fucked up and admitted it and we are now better friends then we were before. Oh well now I am rambling at 6:47am lol gotta finish getting ready for work. I love ya movieman. Just keep being you, that is who we love. Be grateful you have a friend that will call you on it when they think you are talking shit or not being real, as that is a true friend.

Mrs. H said...

Wow, I am amazed you put that into words so well and didn't screw it up. :) Or maybe it is just because I was in on the conversation that it makes complete sense. Brig will probably read it and be like WTF? We love her anyway. You can talk to me about other things, you talk to me about plenty of movies and other stuff I don't care about, so you can certainly talk about more meaningful stuff like whale whispering.

Although you are my best friend (1 of them anyway) I still will not tell you who it was that did you know what!

Dakini said...

Well said everyone...

However movieman already knows how I feel about the Dog.

I don't need to post any of it here because we talked about it.