Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not trying to steal thunder from blogger

I have just recent signed up at It is quite different then blogger. I like it and it's addicting. I already have a porn star as one of my friends, Janine. At first I signed on as a joke, but then Mrs. H. signed on and was taking it serious. I thought well shit, maybe I'll change mine. It was Shitty Kittens of Turkmenistan and my name was Meldesh Ragnorik. I was born in Turkmenistan. After spending about 8 hours on myspace and thinking about how I could do different things, I realized that I would change it.

I put down my real name, picture (Except my main pic is Scarface), interests, and whatever else. The only thing I didn't change was the "about me" section. I thought that that was funny just the way that it was. I realized that I could do movie reviews (old and new), and I could right more about scripts or movies then I do here. When I write here, I try to write something that my 2 friends who read this will enjoy. I may get tired of having two different places to post, but then again I can give a little of me here and a little of me there.

My website on is on my links.

It should be fun. I also just asked Dane Cook to be add me as a friend. He's a comedian. I don't know what else to say, but it's getting late and I should be going. I'll talk to you later.

Why do you drive on parkway, and park in a driveway. I may have used that one before but oh well.

Don't worry be happy.

I'm very excited to be moving in with Rob. I think that it will be very cool, because we can brainstorm on ideas for scripts and work on movies. Plus like he said it'll be like a movie class for him, because I can show him movies that he hasn't seen before. I love doing that. I haven't had a roommate for awhile now, and I think it'll be fun. I will be saving so much money also. It's going to be wicked cool. March 1st is the day. I'm still working on saving the money for my trip. When I get my taxes back, I'll almost be at 1000.00 dollars. That's not much, but it's a start. I still would have to come up with 4000.00 more dollars, plus the rent for while I'm gone. That's 1800.00 dollars right there. Although, Rob did say that he maybe could let me slide for a month. We will see how it all plays out. It should be interesting.

Take care and have a good day.


Dakini said...

Sounds good.

I'll check out your myspace in a little bit.

I need to eat some food first. :D

Mrs. H said...

You can't give up blogging anyway, since I don't have access to myspace at work, and that is usually where I read your stuff.
When you move into Robs, you won't need me anymore, you'll be saving money so you can get cable again and you'll have internet there. Been nice knowing you!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I for one cannot wait for you om ove into Rob's it will be so much easier to see ya :-) Love ya

MOVIEMAN said...


Yaddoshi said...

Just so you know, the owners of MySpace make you agree to allow them complete and sole ownership of any material listed on their site. So if you put up a movie script, they own it. If you put up a photo of artwork, it belongs to them. If you try to make money from the things you placed on MySpace, they technically can sue you for 100% of your profits.

I would equate MySpace with Hell. But that's just me.

MOVIEMAN said...

Good to know. Thanks for the advice.