Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Objects in the road

Not be taken literally.

I am of course having a hard time saving money for my trip. I am still looking at that as a goal. Although, I have just found out that the roommate situation is going as planned. Just a little sooner than I thought. I will be moving in with Rob on April 1st. Now the good thing is that I will have company and be in a creative environment. I fucking love that. The bad thing is that Rob can't afford me to take 3 or 4 months off of paying rent. I know that we will be able to do the movies that I've always wanted to make, but I am not sure about my trip. I am not defeating my self, I am just saying that it may not be able to work like I thought or as soon as I thought. I've been thinking that maybe I could cut the trip into like 3 different segments. The West Coast, the East Coast, and the Middle of America would all be small enough, but fun enough. The good thing is that it would be cheaper, but the bad thing is that it wouldn't be as long. I would still have fun no matter what.

Hell, I have fun taking a bath.

I'm very excited though about this new living arrangement. I think it will be awesome. My friend Serjio said that he would love to see me go on my trip, but if I didn't and I actually made a movie or something that that would be awesome. I agree. I think that Rob and I could brain storm and come up with all kinds of good ideas.

I will figure it out.

Maybe I should walk first before I run. Meaning that I should get my fucking car fixed first before I figure out how long my trip will be.

The thing is this. I've waited almost my whole life to make a movie. To make the images in my head come to life. I tried once and, as luck would have it, couldn't get all the people together. Not just you Divaprincess, but Ceasar too. That was the coolest time in my life was directing that short film. I want to finish that, and make more. I need to see if my dream is possible or if I'm just no good.

The other thing is this. I've wanted to go on this trip for 10 years or more. I have it all in my head. Where I'll go and what I'll see. It would be the best.

Either one is good.

I love you all and thanks for listening.

P.S. Divaprincess, I have an idea on how to finish the short film. I would take over Ceasar's part. We would refilm the whole thing. Serjio said that he's all for it. We could work around your schedule. Let me know what you think.

If Meyerhaus is reading this I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you. I'll have to get your number from Mrs. H.

Mrs. H. if you guys really don't want to watch 24 that's fine. I just thought that you might enjoy it. Just let me know.

Have a nice day everyone.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I would totally be game for it! Come on admit it movieman you wish you were married to me, so even to fake it in a movie gets you all excited LOL! No seriously that would be cool. WOW so April 1st! Once my ex moves out I will be so happy to visit over there again. I miss Rob, I miss you and to have the two of you under the same roof will be wicked cool. Hey call me soon so you can come over and hang out Todd and I. Love ya honey! Hey by the way you have many years ahead of you to complete your trip, keep your dreams alive and in reach and everything will work out the way it is meant to!

Mrs. H said...

We are watching the frickin show. I have already messaged you about it.
This will be funny when you move, you will be closer to be over more, but you'll have internet access and company there so you won't need to come over as much. I know you will still have to come over to see my daughter, but our friendship can now die out. YAHOO!

Dakini said...


Laughing at Mrs. H's comment.

I'd leave a better comment but little Autumn Rain keeps running out of her bed.

She's so cute but I HAVE to inforce bednight time.

What about saving up all the rent you would need to pay for those months.

On a budget, every week put away 2o dollars or whatever you can afford in a savings account. In no time you would have your half of the rent for those months.

Also same for the trip. Put 50 away each week.

Before matty became a tour guide we had a budget worked out, and granted we only had 25 dollars a week for ouselves to spend after allowing out so much for gas, car insurance, credit card bills, student Loan, health insurance, phone bill, cable bill, internet bill, rent, electric and groceries from each check. But with that 25 dollars we would rent movies or something small and fun at the end of each week.

We worked out that budget when he was bringing home only 350 a week at the computer store in New Orleans.

I know you can do it.

and in no time you'll be on your trip, the entire trip like you wanted.

But yes you've been talking about the trip and making movies for as long as we've been friends...Since 1991 WOW!

Well good luck and I know you will get it done, all of it.

Love you

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks everyone. Mrs. H. you would like that, I guess, if our friendship died. That's nice of all of you. As diva princess, I didn't think about but I think I'll write in a sex scene and some other wild stuff. Thanks again everyone. I can't wait.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

really funny movieman! Why don't you run that by Todd first LOL? Hey i can wear a very sexy dress for one scene if you would like hee hee So hey if you are moving in April 1st is that when Rob is giving the other the boot?

Anonymous said...

Movieman - call me anytime, and save some damn money...

Get my number from Mrs. H.

Later - Meyerhaus

Mrs. H said...

Dude, I don't even know if I have correct numbers for Meyerhaus. I'll give you what I have and you can always email him.
24 was good, not One Tree Hill good, but still good. :)