Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Out of the wood work

My friend Shawn wants to meet with me Tuesday afternoon and talk over mexican food. I am fine with that, but the weird thing is that he wants us to be the way that we were. I don't know if things will ever be the way they were. I tried to be his friend before and he wouldn't return my calls or not be available to hang out. He was into the drug dealing scene and all that. I couldn't care any less about drug dealers.

We were so close that we could bring up conversations from earlier in the day or the week, and we would know what eachother was talking about. Then he became a drug dealer and we ceased to be friends. I informed him recently that I was content with losing him as a friend, because things like that happen. This really made him sad. He said that we were so close he can't believe that I would just give up on it so easy. I have informed him that I tried to be his friend, but after awhile it was no use.

Now after the drug dealing is over, along with his 1000 dollar a week Cocaine habit. He is a miserable person now. Living at home with his mom and dad, and drinking all the time. Suddenly he realizes what he had, and he wants it back. It will never be the same. I am pretty much done with the friendship, but who knows. I don't see it turning out like he suspects.

I know that this all sounds melodramatic and gay, but a friendship is a relationship. I will meet with him and pay him the money I owe for a coffee pot I bought from him a year ago. We will see what happens then.

He has become fat and miserable, and I think that he wants pity. He brought it all on himself and that's why I feel no pity for him. He tells me how he feels and I just don't feel the same anymore.

I hold my friends very dear to my heart, and will do anything for them. When you betray me in a way, it is hard for me to let you back in. Like I said I will meet with him, but I seriously don't see any kind of rekindled friendship coming from this.

That's how I see it.

The friends that are reading this.

Thank you for being a friend.

P.S. Mrs. H. the woman played Amanda on Ned and Stacey and she was in A View from the Top.


Mrs. H said...

Thank you my friend. I think you need to explain this more clearly to him and maybe he will get it. He didn't want anything to do w/ you when he had his new lifestyle, you accepted it, and moved on. He was a great guy at one time and myabe he can be again. I don't know that you should give up on him completely. It's your call though.

Dakini said...

I agree with Kris! Thanks for filling me in on the situation.

love you