Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Borrowing trouble and causing my own

My big problem back in the day was always talking about what I knew nothing about. Well somethings don't change. First off is the fact that I wasn't even censored by my cousin. That was all brought on myself. I had asked her if she liked my myspace profile and she said, "I didn't like that shitting on kittens thing." I told her that I thought it was funny. She said that it wasn't funny to her. Suddenly that night I am on my myspace profile and I delete the the shitty kittens. Then in my head I start thinking, "What the fuck? Why did I do that? Who the hell is she to tell me what I can put on my own damn site?" Gee, all that came from, "It's not funny to me." My problem was that she had linked me to her site and I started to become self conscious of what I was writing. I started thinking that maybe I shouldn't write certain things, and just worrying about what her friends might think. Not realizing that it is the internet and if they don't like it they can just leave the site and maybe or maybe not come back at a later time.

So, I write this whole big thing about censorship and my cousin. Then I'm talking to her and she's like what the fuck, I never said that. I was like oh yeah you didn't did you. DUH! That's me assuming things. I'll get to that in a little bit. Then Brig tells me that she had always been going to my site before she had linked me. I realized that she had, and I was totally out of line the entire time. I had in fact borrowed trouble. My cousin believes in the fact of no censorship. So all is well with my world.


The other night I had a conversation with Brig and then with Mrs. H. and back and forth. I had ASSUMED something was one way, when in fact it was not. I should have kept my mouth shut, because then I unleashed hell. The kind where you know that you were wrong so all you can say is, "Yes" or "I know." When it was all over and the smoke cleared, I checked for blood from where my head had been chewed off. There was none. I rested and shook it off. I had not been trained to battle this kind of tongue lashing. In the end all was well, and the crisis will hopefully never happen again.

3 ways are probably nice, but 3 way conversations suck ass.

Now, something else that I wanted to talk about was this guy in Yemen that escaped from jail. The thing is that he was a suspect in the bombing of that naval ship over there. They captured him and put him in a Yemen jail. The thing that gets me is that it was a U.S. ship that this guy may have bombed. The way he escaped from jail was to tunnel out. WHAT THE FUCK! Tunnel out? He should have been in U.S. custody, but it sounds like he was in a shitty Yemen prison that he could just tunnel out of. Very strange. I could look the story up, put a link to it, and then there would be no question. The problem is that I don't want to do that because then I couldn't write what I'm writing and I would have to find the story. It is late, and we will all find the story soon enough. Just an odd little thing that I thought was funny when I heard it. You know, that they didn't have this guy under heavy security. Then again, if you think about it, our government could have set up the escape so that he will lead us to the higher ups. Then again, maybe that's just my creative side taking over. I'm sure that some of you just may not care.

Change of topic. Something that I heard the other day on Meet the Press with Tim Russert, was (I know that right now Mrs. H., Diva Princess, and Stephanie are all thinking that I must be two people. Why the hell would I watch Meet the Press?) about Terry Schivo. They have come out with a statement that said that she was, "massively and irreversably damaged, blind, and her brain was half the size of normal." That's for those of you who may have thought that it wasn't right to pull the plug.

Speaking of that. If I do a living will, I want there to be specifics in it. Which are hard to define right now. Like I wouldn't want to get in a car wreck and maybe I have to breath with a machine. Then my dad or Mrs. H. comes up and says, "Well Mr. Lawyer um yeah he said that he didn't want to be dependant on a machine." Maybe I would be paralyzed and I couldn't move to stop them. So I would yell, "Please don't, that's not what I meant." I'd be fully coherent. Then Brig would walk in and talk with Mrs. H. Brig would say, "He told me once that what he meant by a machine was one that worked his heart, breathing, and eating." Mrs. H. would say, "He said to me dependent on a machine, Period." I would be listening to this as they're feeding me my chicken fried steak and crappy tapioca pudding. Everytime that I would be about to talk they would shove food in my mouth. They would stand there in front of me arguing the meaning of my living will. The conversation would go nowhere, and they would have to flip a coin to decide if I live or die. The decision would be DEATH. They would pull the plug together, with tears in their eyes. The last thought that I would have is, "3 way conversations suck."

Have a good day everybody. No worries. One love.


Mrs. H said...

Actually, not to bring up the past, but another common denominator here is your cousin. :)We had these exact same arguments when she spouted off on her blog how we didn't like what she was writing about and she wasn't going to do it anymore. We all know how that ended up!! Anyway, I am not bringing up the past to be mean and unforgiving. It is just pretty much the same situation, so don't be so hard on yourself. Write what you want! I just skim anyway.

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