Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A few things.......

If you haven't been to our livejournal site then you didn't see this.


It makes me laugh everytime I watch it. Just thought that I'd throw it up here.

Today my cousin told me that he didn't get the job that he thought that he would be getting. I thought that that was the funniest thing. I mean it's sad when someone doesn't get a job, but he had been testing and thought that he was a shoe in. I guess he was wrong. The thing is that his parents just moved out of the house and they left him with 3000.00 dollars and a car. Now he had thought that he would be moving into his own apartment and would be living the good life. He has no idea about the REAL world. I'm not talking about Mrs. H. and I's favorite show on MTV. I'm talking about car insurance, rent, gas, food, cell phone bills, and whatever else you could think of. His parents paid all of that. Now he is having to grow up fast. I think that it's Karma. He's being pushed into the world of life with no clue as to how it works. I think that it will be a wonderful thing to watch. SHIT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SIGN YOUR KIDS OVER TO YOUR EXWIFE, PAY OFF THE CHILD SUPPORT, QUIT A JOB WITH AN HOUR AND A HALF NOTICE, SCREW UP A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH A GREAT GIRL, AND RIDE ON THE SYMPATHY TRAIN TO LOSERVILLE. So it's good luck to you my friend. I'll be here to laugh. You make my life so much better by comparison.

Something to go along with that is this. Bad things happen and they make you embrace the good. Carpe deim, Sieze the day. His bad story made me realize that he hasn't experienced the really horrible. I haven't much either, but I've watched a man die. I've seen death and I've seen laughter. He claims that he knows these things, but I don't think that he does. I know that several of you will tell me to tell him how I feel, but there's no use. It wouldn't sink in. He just tries to manipulate the truth and make it someone else's fault. I just enjoy being a spectator for now.

On to other things..........
I have about 8 days to move out of my apartment. I don't have much to move, but I do have to move it. There's only so much a Dodge Neon can hold. I will probably rent a small moving truck or something. I need to start cleaning my apartment. Not much to clean, just the bathroom. I can't wait, it'll be a new beginning in a way. Rob and I get along and May seems cool.

I may be going this Friday to an old friend's house. His name is Darrell and he was the one that got me into old movies. Me and Mike, another old friend, will be driving up north to see him. That will be so cool. I haven't seen them in quite awhile.

Today take time to notice the little things in life. :)


Mrs. H said...

You are funny! I love you!
Up north? Where does Darrell live?
Can't wait for yummy El Bravo tonight!

Dakini said...

El Bravo? How was WAR?

Sorry that was to MrsH.

Good Post Phillip, again Matty directed me to it. Sorry, I'm so out of it, I actually feel like im having a braxton hicks right now, woooo weird! WOW!

Tell Mike that I said Hello and that Im glad to hear he has a child etc.

I'm happy you guys get to go do that. Go to Darrell's. Oh be sure to tell Darrell we said hello, that we are out of New Orleans, etc, hell I think they both dont know that I lived there met matty had the girls escaped Katrina...interesting stories you will have to tell about everyone.

Anyway have fun and ask Darrell if he has seen Pow wow highway :P

I love you and miss when you don't call. truly I do, Im just so super exhausted as of late.

HAVE FUN! Enjoy all the scenery for me please. look at it all with new eyes.


Dakini said...

okay... you are so not going to believe this. At myspace yesterday you wrote:"February 21, 2006 10:48 PM
You can see Matty smiling because he's thinking that he's like Luke Skywalker carrying Yoda. May the FORCE be with you, ALWAYS."

But yesterday night Matty and I were saying that he should create and market a yoda backpack kid leash like the monkey one we have for Autumn. So Autumns on a leash but it looks like she has this little cute monkey on her back. So we thought a Yoda one would be even cooler.