Friday, February 17, 2006

Good conversation and Superman

I am watching Mrs. H's house. When I got here after work, Linda (Mr. H's mom), was here watching Taylor. Her and I had a long talk about everything. We talked about racial issues, her exhusband Fred, my dad, Vietnam, people in Iraq, the assisnation of J. F. K., M. L. K., and R. F. K., her protest against Goodyear tire company, religion, radio, television, the raising of children, and my wacky mother. Good conversations with a good person. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So interesting. Sometimes you don't take the time to have your loved ones tell you about their life.

My friend Serjio and his brother did this thing where they recorded their father telling his life story. He told me that he found out a bunch of stuff about his father that he didn't know. He said that I should do it with my father, and I told him that I would. I really wish that I could have done that with my grandma and grandpa. I think that it'll be very interesting.

While talking religion with Linda, I was telling her about these coincidences that I have happen to me. I also told her that I don't believe in God as a faithful follower. I explained to her that I read that to some people these coincidences are signs from God. As she listened to some of my coincidences, she said that maybe they are signs from GOD. For some reason, I don't know why, but that stuck. I mean I had always thought that maybe they were, but I guess I was waiting for a bigger sign. When all the time I've had them in front of me. My question to her though was, "Why would my dad have them happen to him too, if he believes in God?" She said, "It's God reminding him that he's there." I think that makes sense.

Who knows though, I'll have sit and think on this pretty hard.

After she left about 1 AM, I watched Arrested Developement and Battlestar Gallactica. It was the final 2 hours of Arrested Developement. I hope that it gets picked back up for another season by some other station. Fox didn't renew it. Battlestar Gallactica was good as always, and it made me tear up. THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION RIGHT NOW ALONG WITH 24. I know that you people are saying, "What about Lost?" Well Lost isn't as good as it was last season, but things could change. Plus none of you have been watching Battlestar Gallactica. I'm talking the new one, not the old one. Too cool for school.

After that I got onto my myspace account and found out that Joe Rogan and Chris Angel have signed on as my friends. Then I was surfing the internet and looked up movie trailers. I watched the Basic Instinct 2 trailer, and then looked up some Superman Returns video blogs. Very cool stuff.

I can't wait for this movie. I'm a huge Superman fan. They are going to do this one as if Superman 3 and 4 never happened. How cool is that? The guy that they got to play Superman/Clark Kent/Kalel, looks just like Christopher Reeve. It's going to rock.

Have a wonderful day and I love you all.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I love the God conversation, I believe in him and that everything happens for a reason, cause he planned it. I also believe that you do not have to go to church to prove you believe, just go with your heart.

Battlestar Gallactica is watched every Friday night in my home, as well as the Stargates. Living with Todd the TV is always on SciFi or the History Channel.

Love you!!!!

Dakini said...

Matty said , Phillip has a really good blog post, so here I am. :P

I'm exhausted and want to write more..but being so tired my brain is defunct. I was at the Obgyn today getting my routine check.

I asked the doctor to check Elish's position. She said Elish is head down. Whew!

I used to have talks like that with my Grandfather who was a Mason...both a Mason spiritually,the secret society and a Mason who built buildings etc.

I learned alot from him.

My Grandma, the one in AZ..the one you know, believe it or not, even though she can be grumpy, there were good times spent with her hearing about her life and how she grew uo in a tent with her parents straigt from Germany.

A few Years ago my dad actually opened up a bit and told me things about his life and why he was the way he was with my mom etc. I thought that openess would have opened his heart enough to come visit all of us, but I have yet to see that day.

Willow asks me, " Mom, where is your dad at?" I tell her that he is off some where with some other family and I tell her why, and what he was like with my mom. I don't hold anything back. I do tell her that I miss him and that he was good to me while he was with us.

Anyway ..going off on a tangent bout dad sorry. :(

But I know what yo umean, My friend Rudy from New Orleans, whenever his mom used to come to New Orleans, I would sit with her in the kitchen at Rudy's place and talk to her about her life and ask her all kinds of things. I just loved it. I always love hearing "Elders" stories.

And you DAD, man I still remember quite a few of his! :D

Dakini said...

I also just went to my daily read of Crystal inks before heading off for a nap. As I was reading the e-zine section upon coming to the end where there is a daily quote I found this :

'We all like to think we have some control over the events in our lives, and a
lot of the time we can fool ourselves into thinking that we really are in charge. But then something happens to remind us that the world runs by its own rules,
not ours, that we're just along for the ride, and part of the equation.'

-Les Bohem-

Along with this quote were two artistic pictures, One of which was Gandalf smoking a pipe while sitting at Frodos bedside.

DO you remember what I told you the girls and I did all day yesterday? Then you had that conversation with Linda...I read your blog posts today, Autumn brings the book over with the info of god and 'thoughts and things', I go on to read the Ezine which brings me to the quote and picture.

You see the connections?????

MOVIEMAN said...

Too cool. You guys are right, and Kris is missing it.

Mrs. H said...

I may have missed it, but I am back now. Thanks for helping out w/ Taylor and the dogs, and drooling in my bed. :) I love you!