Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just being me

I've realized that since my cousin has been reading my blog and my myspace that I have been censoring myself. That is not right. I even went back to myspace and changed something that I wrote because she didn't like it. I thought it was funny but she didn't like it.

I had written in the about me segment on myspace that I like to shit on kittens and punch old ladies in the neck. Now, I don't really like to do those things, but it's so outrageous that it makes me laugh. I find the visual of it funny.

Maybe I am a sick fuck and am not right in the head, or maybe I'm just being me. Other people find that funny. They know who I am, and what I'm about. This is nothing against my cousin, it's just that I don't want to be censored anymore. I have to figure out what to write or how to write it so she and her friends aren't offended. I like that people read my blog, livejournal, or myspace. I just don't want to have to pander to my audience.

Allow me to switch directions for a bit.

Now, I know that Howard Stern is like religion and politics. You just don't discuss him with people who don't like him because there is no explaining why you like him. You can't make people understand why it is that you listen to him.

Well the other day I was listening to Howard and he had Jenna Jameson on. He had gotten a thing for his birthday called the Sybian. It's a little saddle like thing that a woman can sit on, it vibrates, and it will get her off. The cool thing for Howard Stern fans is that he can do things on Sirius that he couldn't do before. When Jenna Jameson came in he asked her if she wanted to try it out in the studio for him on the air. She said that she would, but no insertion. She pulled her pants down, keeping her panties on and sat down on it. Gary the producer turned it on and she started breathing heavy. Howard informed her that he didn't want her to be fake, he wanted a real orgasm. Gary then turned it up higher and then a little higher. When he got to the medium setting she came.

It was very interesting to listen to. I was thinking WOW this is great radio. Shortly after that P. Diddy came in and was telling Howard how great that was. I know that maybe nobody cares about this, but I just thought it was great.

Afterwards, I went into my apartment and started Jacking oooooo. Kidding. I went in and put on my DVD of Private Parts, the Howard Stern movie, and watched that. The cool thing was how unconventional he was when he started. He had these wild ideas and then the government or the radio station would shut him down. After the movie I thought, "Wow, he's come so far."

You may not care, or hate to admit it, but Howard Stern is a genius of radio.

Just listen to Adam Corolla or David Lee Roth in the morning. Then tell me if I'm wrong.

The point of this was two fold. The fact that I am who I am, and that's all that I am. Popeye said that. Not that I'm anything like Howard Stern, but if I want to be me, I've GOT to be me.

I wrote this huge blog about how I'm not two people, then I come back and start changing the way I write and the things that I've already written. If I'm not two people then what the fuck am I doing. I understand that certain people don't like certain things, but I don't get upset over things that I don't like. If it's a joke, I see it as that. If it's not, I see it as that too. I just really had to get that off my chest.

P.S. Howard Stern just gave Robin, his cohost, a new Mercedes. I thought that was really nice. He gave it to her because of the good work she's done all these years. No real point I just thought that it was really cool. Before the show was over he told her that he needed her after the show. Then as soon as the mikes were off he got up and walked her to the elevator, they went down to the basement level, he walked her by the loading docks, and then they arrived at a garbage dumpster. Next to the garbage dumpster was a car. She thought that she saw a ribbon on a box in the car, then she realized that the ribbon was on the car. She was so excited because she has always wanted this car.

This isn't to try and change you perspective of Howard Stern. It's just to show you something nice that he did. I thought that it was cool, but then again I've been listening for the past 10 years. I feel like I know them.

That's all I have to say about that.

I love everyone.

Have a good day at work, or home everybody.


Mrs. H said...

Howard rocks and you do too!

Stephanie said...

I know we've already talked about this before and you pretty much know my views on it, but i just wanted to say how proud of you I am. This was very well written (as usual) and straight to the point.

The way I see it is that anyone who truly knows you, knows that never in a million years would you do any of the things you talk about, but you have a unique sense of humor, and thats part of why we love you so much.

When you conform your views and topics and your overall light that makes you Phillip just because one person may get offended, then you're sensoring your individuality and it's not ok. Anyone thats getting offended and just not laughing it off, then that just tells me that they don't really know you very well.

This is your space to write about the thoughts in your head, be them demented or not, it's you, and we all love you and want you to be you! Those who get offended and can't handle your humor, most likely just met you yesterday and aren't used to it yet, but they'll grow to love you, anyone else, should really just take the time and pull the "tampon string" because something seems to be lodged....