Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My best friend

I just did the coolest thing. I bought my best friend a Sirius radio for her car and paid for a one year subscription. I may wait around to see her face. It felt so cool. I know that she will love it. Since getting mine I have only listened to regular radio when I have to charge my cell phone. She will love listening to Howard on her short ride to work, or to the 80's station which she loves to listen to online.

It is so great to give a gift from your heart. I am so happy right now. I came over here to her house, grabbed her car keys while she's sleeping, and set the whole thing up. I want to go wake her up and drag her outside to see and hear it. I just can imagine her face when she gets in the car and turns on the ignition, and on pops the satellite radio. It'll be so great. Although, I did put a brochure that shows all the channels on her steering wheel, so she will know before she turns the ignition.

The radio was even cheaper than what it was marked. That's always cool. I know that you are all saying that I should be saving money.

Well......SUCK IT!

I bought this gift for my friend. I always buy her little gifts and now I've bought her a big one. The money thing has changed anyway, because now I am moving in with Rob. Which means that I was going to move out of my apartment and go on my trip, but now I will be living with Rob and when I go on my trip I will be paying rent while I'm gone. Not to mention the fact that my car has to be tuned up. The check engine lights been on for 9 months now.

Anyway, this is not about me. It's about my best friend Mary. HAHAHAHA! You thought that I was going to say Mrs. H. Nope. Why would I say that? She is ONE of my best friends, but I do have others. If I said that I bought this thing for Mrs. H., then I may have to buy one for Brig as well. Then I'd have to buy for another friend and another friend. It would never stop. So I am saying that I am buying for Mary and "Mary" knows why. OOOPS I hope nobody's on to me.


To quote Britney Spears, "OOOOPS, I did it again."


Mrs. H said...

I hear that "Mary" really enjoyed the gift. You are the best Phillip. I love you. I may just have to drive around today and listen.

MOVIEMAN said...

Yes Mary was stoked. I guess you'll be driving with Mary. Doesn't she have to go to work. Too cool. Glad she enjoyed it.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

That is so cool! I want a Phillip for my best friend, is there a store you can pick one up at? LOL

Dakini said...

I'm with Diva Princess! :D :D