Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Really lazy day

It really sucks when it's your day off and you sleep it away. I went to bed at about 11:30AM and woke up at 11:30PM. Now, I was supposed to wake up at 6:00PM and come and hang out with my friend, but no I ended up sleeping all night. I know that some of you may say, "Phillip it's your day off. Do what you want to do. Sleep as long as you want." This is true, but I just like to be up when other people are up.

When I awoke I had 10 messages on my voice mail. Some were from yesterday and others were from today. Most of it was about work. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!
To sound like Brig. I delt with that and then came over to Mrs. H. house. I watched some show or two that I had recorded and then I watched a couple that her and I had recorded. Now while I'm at work she can watch the other shows. I still have my own shows to watch, but I'll do that on Thursday. Then I got on the internet and did what I'm doing now. I am leaving as soon as I am done here.

Now to flash back to yesterday.........
Mrs. H. was getting Valentine's day cards ready to give to the kids on valentine's day. I said, "That's just odd. My parents never gave valentine's day cards to me." She said, "That's cause I'm a good parent." I had nothing to say, but I still thought that it was a little odd. You know I gave valentine's at school and stuff, but never at home. Mrs. H. went outside and put the cards in her van, and was going to give the kids the cards when she got home after work. Anyway, in the morning when I went to leave I saw something stuck to my driver side window. It was a valentine's day card. It made me smile real big. I was so happy. Thanks Mrs. H.

Something else that I was thinking about as I was watching the t.v. show HOUSE, was the way the human body works. I mean it's just simply amazing. The way we are as a human being. Our soul, our minds, our fingers, our entire fucking bodies are way cool. So intricate, and so awesome. It's almost beyond imagination. I mean the sperm joins the egg and voila......We're here.

I have to work tonight from 7PM to 6:30AM. It is so awesome, I watch a ballroom. You see some type of a function happens and they set up a bunch of stuff in a ballroom. Then at night when everyone goes to their rooms, they need a guard to watch all the stuff in the ballroom. That's what I do, but wait there's more. At about midnight the hotel security goes around and locks all the doors leading to the ballroom. They can only be unlocked by hotel security or the guy inside. So basically everything is safe, but they want to make sure. "So gee Phillip, what do you do?" Well I watch a couple of movies on my portable DVD player. How fucking cool is that. I get paid $12.50 an hour to watch movies. Sounds like my dream job. I can't believe it. Now I'm not doing anything that I'm not supposed to do. The owners of the company tell us to take our laptops or dvd players with us.

Sometimes I LOVE MY JOB.

I love everybody and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

P.S. Mrs. H., I watched Crumbs from last week, Four Kings, My name is Earl, and the 23 minutes of 24. Plus my shows, but I already erased those. I will watch the others on Thursday. I'll call you later.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I actually gave my kids Valentine's Day cards and candies, my mom always did it for me too. I leave them on the end of their bed to find when they wake up. Yes we are good parents that is why we do it!!!

Love you!

Mrs. H said...

Actually, I was taking Davids stuff to his truck when I left your card. Why would I put the kids stuff in my car? Silly, I left thier stuff in the house. I am glad I could surprise you though. Hard to do when you always want to follow me around. :D

Yaddoshi said...

Matty and I ban the commercialism of celebrating love on a specific date just because society says we should. It actually pisses Matty off alot, the idea that he should show his love on a marked day. So we don't do valentines day anymore.

I did want to get the girls something though because that's what my parents always did for me, you know the standard, cards and candy. But I realised, just as Matty and I don't celebrate Valentines Day, why condition my children to this wierd holiday? We value their lives everyday and they get cards and candy often just out of the blue because of that.

So no matter if it be Valentines day or just any other day, any parent who treats their child with love and respect is a good one. :D

MOVIEMAN said...

I guess that leaves mine out. My parents never gave me valentine's cards or candy. :(

Oh well.

Dakini said...

Hey your dad gets you stuff...albeit unique stuff, but think about it, he always has something interesting to give you or share with you. I wish my Dad was in my life, and sincerely the way your dad is in yours.

Do you still have that really cute picture of him holding you..It's a black and white and he has his Marine hat on.

And your mom, well she sent you Mickey Mouse stickers eh?

Btw--just now Autumn brought this donated book up to me and she wants me to read it..It's called 'God Speaks To me in my mind.' and then it goes on...."He speaks and says be good and kind, Thoughts and things For lovely things I hear and see. Thank you God our Father."

Mind you she brought this over to me out of the blue in her mouth she carried it. LOL, but she brought it over just as I finished reading your post above about the talk with Kris's Mom in law, and coming over to this post while I felt sad about what you just typed:

"I guess that leaves mine out. My parents never gave me valentine's cards or candy. :(

Oh well."

If that's not a Cosmic Godly messege for you, well then I dunno what is. It doesn't have to come from Church or from this American Created God, but from whoever our Creator is, even if that be our own selves that dreamed us up.

Messeges come to every being, whether you believe in 'God" or Heyoke, or the Creator, or Enki, or Vishnu, or Buddha, or Brighid, or Merlin, or Alah, Whethter you are a plant or an animal, or a star or a rock, or an an insect or an element.

Messeges are not meant just for those trying to find faith.

I love you Phillip. :D

MOVIEMAN said...

That was so very nice. I thank you.