Thursday, February 09, 2006

Such a good day

I had a wonderful day today. I was still fiddling with Mrs. H.'s radio when she woke up. I then told her that she had to go outside and see what I got her. She was going to stay home from work, so I had to make her go outside and look in her car. She knew what it was as soon as I told her that she had to go look in the car.

I bought this gift for her for all she does for me, and for being a good friend. I enjoy buying things for people, especially when they appreciate it. She is so happy, and that in turn makes me happy. Of course also she'll be able to hear Howard Stern again. Anything is better than Adam Carolla.

After she got Rylee up, we all went outside and looked at the radio. She was giddy and happy. Mr. H. was a little upset, because he doesn't even have a radio. Plus, the fact that all I buy him are cheap DVDs. Then Mrs. H and I went to Circle K before Mr. H had to go to work. We listened to her new radio. When we got back to her house Mrs. H. got on the internet to look up more satellite stuff and I played with Rylee.

What fun we had. I pretend to sleep like Jeff on the Wiggles. She says quietly at first, "1, 2, 3" and then she yells, "WAKE UP JEFF!" I jump up as if I was startled awake. She laughs a genuine hearty laugh. That makes my heart happy and gives me a laugh. Then we played blocks and made all the little people and animals get in line to go to the "Circus Camp" (That's what she called it.) We would build a tower and then she'd tear it down. Then she'd build it up and then say, "Higher". It was so much fun. While she was in her Spiderman outfit I would help her climb the walls. She thought that that was fun. So did I.

Next thing I know Mrs. H. tells Rylee that she has to take a nap. Rylee asks, "Is Phillip leaving?" We tell her that I am not and she is happy.

After putting her down for her nap, Mrs. H. and I continue to surf the internet and talk. Mrs. H showed me that she put Rylee's link and Rob's link on my blogspot, and she put a picture of Rylee and I up on Rylee's site. I was so happy. That was very cool of her.

Then we started realizing that we better get some naps in because she'll be up soon. I look at the clock as I'm laying down and it was 3 PM. I had been up since the night before at 8 PM. I was tired, but it was all worth it. I would gladly miss sleep for the chance to hang with my sister and neice.

I woke up to Rylee waking me up and we started playing right away. I have such fun, and I think she may too. We all had subs, and Rylee went to bed. Such a good day. I hope that Mrs. H. isn't upset because I wrote about the day, because maybe that's what she was going to do.

I was also able to hear from Brig and the kids about the belated Christmas gifts that I sent them. They liked them alot. That makes me happy.

Well I am tired and am going to drop something off at my aunts house. I will be back here tomorrow.

I love everyone and I hope that you all have a very lovely day.


Mrs. H said...

Yesterday was fun. We always have fun. You are the best. I will see you tonight again. I love you!

Dakini said...

Tee Hee Rylee was sooo cute... I loved how she talked on the phone. Hehehe, I also love how she says my name. :D Too bad my Willow was getting in trouble. :(

I swear Movieman, they didn't fight over the capes until Kris asked. LOL a cosmic coincidense..TeeHee!

Man I can't wait til the girls get to play with Rylee, I dunno when we will be able to afford it, but some day we will get out there to visit so they can all play. :D

Dakini said...


Matty put carbonite confusion up for you. When he showed it to me, he was like this one is for Phillip, he'll love it.

But Shhh.. I didn't say that, he's not such a mushy type guy you know.

MOVIEMAN said...

We did have fun. I hope that you do get to come out here so the kids can play. Tell Matt thinks. I thought that it was funny.