Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good things happening

I have moved in to Rob's, which I guess makes it my house. Everything is almost done. I have to put up my posters, pictures, CD's and other knick knacks. It is really cool having a roommate. We can talk about shit. It's a hell of alot better than talking to myself. I have my T.V. and the DVD's in the living room. I have a small fridge, my coffee pot, and my microwave in my room. It is pretty sweet.

Rob is working on the house non stop. He is working on the bathroom right now. After my room, he cleaned and rearranged the kitchen. What a fucking mess those hippos left. He put the computer in the kitchen and gave me my own sign on. It is really cool. I actually have the internet here at my house, instead of having to wait until I go to Mrs. H.'s house. Way cool Junior, as Ratt would say. Rob has bought all this cool stuff for the bathroom; new fixtures, a kick ass sink, a new toilet, smooth walls, and new flooring. Too cool. I'm exhausted just watching him work.

After the bathroom he'll work on his bedroom and then the studio. This place will look so cool. I can't wait.

Rob just cooked he and I some steaks, and we started watching From Dusk Till Dawn. He had seen it awhile back, but doesn't remember it much. I've seen it several times myself, but it is always fun to watch it again.

I watched a really good movie the other day called Musa: The Warrior. I found it in Mary and Cameron's DVDs and thought that I'd give it a chance. It was really good. I'll probably buy it later. I talked to Mei earlier and we talked about Chinese movies and the drive-in theater. She really likes the drive-in theater.

Other than that, I am helping Serjio work on a music video for a band called Black Sheep Alliance. He told me to listen to the song and write my own script for the video. He has already written his script for the video, but he wanted to give me a chance. I thought that that was really nice of him being as he doesn't have to. He was hired by the band, not me. I am so excited that I could actually come up with an idea and a shooting script that they would actually use. The cool part is that Serjio won't let me see his shooting script until I write mine. He doesn't want me swayed one way or another. I don't want to be swayed either. I am excited that I am doing something creative.

The house is coming together and I am happy that I am living here in this house. I am saving money and living in a creative environment. Just thought that you should all be aware of what is going on in my life.

I am still watching Mary and Cameron's house. I am watching the cats, which are cute, and just hanging out. I even bought her a Sean Connery movie, and bought Cameron a couple of Pez dispensers and some pez.

Rob also moved the entertainment unit from his room into mine. I just need to buy a t.v. now. I still need to buy poster frames for my room. Okay I'm done now. Sorry that I wrote so much, but I just thought that I would catch everyone up.

I love you all, and I will write more later.


Dakini said...

i love u and miss your calls....

so busy with healing.... the birth of Elish was amazing, I'll tell u more soon.

just checking in while she's sleeping beside me.

im glad everythings going good for you. :D

i love you..

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I cannot wait to come see the place. How are things going for Rob? I really need to call him soon. I love you guys! Oh and I LOVE From Dusk Till Dawn, my dream man is in that movie! George Clooney is YUMMY!

Mrs. H said...

Yeah, so thanks for coming over last night ASSHAT!!!! I wouldn't care except for the fact that you said you were coming over and then didn't even bother to call to say you weren't. So rude.
Other than that, I am glad you are liking living at Rob's. Maybe you should quit writing such long posts and help your roomie do some of this work. :)

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Hey Movieman, I forgot to ask you. Are you familiar with Tim Ritter? He actually graduated from the same high school I did, of course it was 5 years before I did. But his movie Truth or Dare was filmed in Jupiter and one of the Dr's in the movie was my drama coach in high school. I would love to get a hold of that movie again, there are some other people I know in it also. So if you find it, can get a hold of it etc let me know, we could hang out and watch it. Tim was a good friend of my ex-boyfriend who I was with for 5 years down there. He is a nut but was really nice, too.

MOVIEMAN said...

Dakini, I will call you soon. I love and miss you too.

Diva princess, George Clooney is yummy, and I will try to find that movie.

Mrs. H., Asshat made me laugh out loud. I'm sorry that I didn't call when I was late. The blog took 3 hrs of starting and stopping. I ask Rob if he needs help and he says no. He likes to do the fixing up by himself. Then if anything goes wrong he only has himself to blame. Also you are an asshat for thinking that I'm an idiot when it comes to Edward Burns and shit like that. I still love you even though you have an ass for a hat.

I love you all.