Monday, March 27, 2006

More racial crap, payback, and friendship

Well it appears that the operator at work isn't just racist against blacks. SHE'S JUST PLAIN RACIST! She told me yesterday that her daughter watches alot of cartoons. (She's in the 6th grade.) She wants to be Japanese. She also told her mother that she wants to marry a Japanese man. Her mother, the operator, said, "I don't think so." Now it could be that she doesn't want her daughter talking about marriage, but I think it's because she doesn't like Japanese people. It's very strange, because I can't be the same with her anymore. I know that she is racist against blacks for sure. I am no saint but that pisses me off.

The payback is that after the Domino Association last weekend, this weekend was a wedding. A BLACK man married a white or hispanic woman. So cool. Such a fun time they had. I didn't hear any racial comments by the manger or the operator. I just thought SUCK IT!

Now the other day some friends of mine messed with my DVDs while I was gone. Everything is alphabetized. They turned some movie's backwards, left the 1941 dvd loose in the case, and put Spiderman in the L's. I hear that there is something else, but I haven't found it yet. Who knows what it could be. I wasn't angry about the dvd's but maybe that's only because they told me about it before hand. One of the DVD cases may have been slightly damaged in all the fun. BITCHES! It was all in good fun, so that's fine. I love you bitches. Divaprincess you smell like sweet flowers. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Now, April is coming up. That means the anniversary of when Mrs. H. and I met. I am planning something special. (Well, I wasn't until I just wrote that.) She is my best and dearest friend. The other day when Rob got married we had such fun. Whenever we are together we are in our own world sometimes. I love that about you. We are so connected. When I start my law practice I'll buy you a ring. Just the ring part though. Then when I'm the prospector I will put the gold on the ring. This song is for you.

Without you, there’s no change
My nights and days are grey
If I reached out and touched the rain
It just wouldn’t feel the same

Without you, I’d be lost
I’d slip down from the top
I’d slide down so low
Girl you’d never, never know...

Without you, without you
A sailor lost at sea
Without you, woman
The world comes down on me

Without you in my life
I’d slowly wilt and die
But with you by my side
You’re the reason I’m alive
But with you in my life
You’re the reason I’m alive
But without you, without you...

Without you, my hope is small
Let me be me all along
You let the fires rage inside
Knowing someday I’d grow strong



I could face a mountain
But I could never climb alone
I could start another day
But how many, just don’t know
You’re the reason the sun shines down
And the nights, they don’t grow cold
Only you that I’ll hold when I’m young
Only we grow old



I love you.


Mrs. H said...

We do have lots of fun. I can't wait for our special celebration. Although you don't even remember the day we met, like I do, I still love you after all these years! Geez, half my life.

MOVIEMAN said...

Yes, I knew that you would bring that up. My whole life and you'll remind me of that until the day the I die. I was hung over and wasn't at my best. Maybe the celebration will be a recreation of the moment we met.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

LOL OMG that is too funny. Hey how did Spiderman end up in L's? I did not do that one hee hee. I am a crazy bitch I know it. We laughed so hard, I am glad you were not mad. Even though Mrs H would not care I would LOL Do you remember when you met me? OMG you do not? I am so friggin hurt!!!! You jerk, you were supposed to remember and remind me! LOL Love ya

MOVIEMAN said...

You are too funny.