Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Racial intolerance and things in my world

Recently at work I ran into some racist people. Sometimes people that you work with, who you think are fine normal cool people, end up being racist or weird. This weekend the Airport Hilton had the professional Domino Association put on an event there. There were several blacks and a few whites. Why Dominos isn't a game that more white people play is beyond me. That's not a racist statement that's a fact.

Anyway, there were a couple of blacks playing dominos in the lobby. I was wondering why they weren't playing in the ballroom in the tournament. I was discussing this with the operator in the office and the restaurant manager came in and over heard us talking. He said, "They're in the lobby playing dominos and it makes the hotel look cheap." Now, not because of the game that they were playing, but because they were BLACK. Then the operator, who I thought was a pretty cool chick, says, "I know what you mean." What the fuck? Then the restaurant manager continues, "People in the restaurant are afraid. They're old people, and they are scared. These guys are in there using bad language and all. It's not good for business." You know what's not good for business? RACIST! The operator says, "I see what you mean." Again, what the fuck? She says, "They were out there in the lobby when I went to lunch and I was like, I better walk a little faster." STUPID FUCKING PEOPLE.

After a couple hours the operator called me to have me come to the back office. I went back there and the banquet captain was there. He explained to me that he would be leaving because the event was almost over. He said that he left them with coffee, water, and tea. He informed me that I might want to just keep an eye on them. He said that two of them were arguing, but he believed that they were just kidding with each other. I walked with him to the back as we discussed the game of dominos, and he was clearly not a racist. THANK GOD. Later, I explained to the operator what the banquet captain had told me. She of course put her spin on it and said, "I'm definately having someone walk me to my car after work." INSANE.

The end of the night and my relief gets there. As I approach him the restaurant manager is already talking to him. He says to me, "I was just telling your guy Opi here that he needs to keep an eye inside the bar." I said, "What for the domino guys?" He says, "Of course." After he walked away, I told my guy about how nice these guys were and that the manager was a racist. It was a fucked up situation.

Rob and I finished cleaning the house today. Rob did most of the work, and I just did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I finally got my dad's car towed over to the house. What a relief. I explained to Rob that I could have helped him with the bathroom, but that I thought that he wanted to do it his way. He then said, "Well I would have had you help, but you don't know how to do that kind of stuff." What the fuck does that mean? I only know movie stuff, and can't do any real shit? He said, "I mean have you ever cut a piece of wood with a saw?" I said yes I have, I used to help my mom's boyfriend trim trees and do yard work for a living. I've done other things in my life. I don't know what people see me as, but it must not be much. I guess that that could be a good thing because then I can sit on my ass and not do anything. Now I know why Rob freaked out when I lifted the lid off the back of the toilet to flush it. Oh well, fuck it.

Mei arrived today. How cool. I woke up and she gave me a movie that she had picked up for me in Hong Kong. It was Infernal Affairs III. Not that any of you will care. Then her and Rob cooked food and Kris, Dave, and the kids showed up. We all had a good time. I guess I was the grumpy old man for some reason. I can't be a ray of light all the time. Afterwards, I came here to Kris' and we watched 24 and How I Met Your Mother. I am off tomorrow as well, so that's cool. There are times that I hate doing the schedule, because I can only rarely get off on a Friday or Saturday. I may be working this coming Saturday and unable to attend the get together at our house. I STILL need to work on the script for the video that Serjio's working on. I think that that will be cool, but I need to fucking do it already. Some things are crazy and some are not. I'm probably borrowing trouble. That is all for now.

I'm actually tired and I think that I will go home and go to bed. WOW, sleeping while it's dark out, how novel that idea. Talk to you all soon. I'm sure things will work out. I just feel blah. Oh well. Whatever will be will be.

I love you all.

Have a wonderful day.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

That kind of racist stuff ticks me off to. I am hoping to come by and meet Mei soon. I will call them later today. I love ya!

Mrs. H said...

You don't always have to be sunshine and light, you just usually are, so you can't expect to not get comments when you aren't. What is it you always say? Oh yeah. SUCK IT! We need to get more shows watched tonight. Oh, and I know you are a competant individual, but keep everyone in the dark, gives you less stuff to worry about. I love you!

Dakini said...

I should call you when I'm not overly exhausted.

In New Orleans most of my favorite French Quarter neighborhood locals were black. Black street performers at that. And we, Matty, Willow, Autumn and I were always stopping by to chat with them. They were good awesome people and they loved our kids and our kids loved being able to see and talk with them.

There was the man who played drums on the buckets by the river walk.

There were Goldie & Silver who were painted from head to toe in gold and silver.

There were the guys who who sung such beautiful melodies on Royal Street, and they would always sing "In the jungle the lion sleeps tonight for the girls."

There were the musicians outside in the middle of Jackson Square that Willow loved to dance to.

One of the nicest tarot readers I'd ever met, she used to love to see us outside, and loved the girls, she was also in Jackson Square.

One of Matty's co-workers, man, he was so nice... he used to stand by Matty outside on decatuer street telling tourist about the tours. Unfortunately living in New Orleans he was in the wrong place at the wrong time one night and was shot in the head. I cried and cried for him...he was so nice, I was so mad that he was taken away by random violence.

There was the man who played the trumpet out by the river who told us Autumns name was the name of God.

These people we cared about and loved to visit were all black.

What ignorant people fail to see is that color doesn't make a person, their spirit, their soul does. To be cautious or want to be walked to your car because your afraid of someones skin color is sickening. It also proves that they wouldn't be able to decipher from real danger if say the dangerous person was of their own skin color.

I'm going to post some of my favorite pictures of Willow tonight after Matty comes home. We were in Jackson Square park and some school children were on a feild trip, they saw Willow and all of them wanted to hold her and play with her, So we played and they all took turns holding her. All of the school children were black. Many of the white tourists looked at me as if I were crazy. I just chuckled inside and shook my head, we continued enjoying our time.

Have to go make pizza for the girls, well, and check on our toothbrushes...Autumns playing with them. You know like making them into people..:P

So what would your co-workers do if you asked them straight out.."is it because their black?"

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone. As for Steph, it would be nice to see you sometime. For Mrs. H., that is true they can all suck it. Keep them in the dark. It's like when I used to help you move and the guys would think that I couldn't lift anything. So I wouldn't. Hell, less work on my part. Brig, that is so cool and sad what you wrote. I couldn't help but wonder if those people made it out alive. Bad thought I know, but hopefully they did. As for if I asked, "Is it because they are black?" They would probably make up something like. Well they look mean or I just don't like people that talk that way. Whatever it would be would be stupid. It angers me so. I love you all and thanks for commenting again.