Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Small post for now

On Sunday night, technically Monday early morning at 1:45AM I became very happy with my life. I mean I'm always usually happy, but this time I just smiled and enjoyed my night at work. I did alot of singing in the patrol car that night. I love my friends and my life. I have to go to sleep now. Busy night tonight.


I will write more later.

The roommate situation is great and Mei is bringing me a movie. Very cool.

I am watching Mary and Cameron's house while they are gone to Costa Rica. How cool is that for them and me. I am watching the cats. I need to go to bed now. It is almost noon and I am going to take some friends out to eat tonight.


Have a good day everyone.


Mrs. H said...

You better be up and at my house by 7 pm f**cker! I love you!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I am jealous you NEVER come see me or call me WAHHHH WAHHHH you do not really love me! hey by the way geek you going to watch the new Doctor Who on SciFi? Actually looks good I will try to catch it Friday night. We watched the new Harry Potter this weekend, I liked it a lot. I am turning into such a friggin nerd having Todd around LOL I do love watching the ghost and haunting shows on Sci Fi though I must admit :-) I love ya!

MOVIEMAN said...

I love you Stephanie. You can call me sometime and I'll come over. I am off on Thursday. I am still working on getting my room all set up.

Mrs. H. I was late. So sorry. Talk to you later.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok honey I love you and forgive you. Give me a call if you want to stop by, if not let's shoot for one of your days off next week. Please give Rob my love!