Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Always an adventure with me, or at least a story

Sorry that I haven't written anything in awhile. I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I get 28 of my hours for the week in the first two days that I work. Then I finish up with 12 hours on Friday, and that's my 40.

On Monday I had plans to hang out with Stephanie. I was supposed to pick her up at her apartment. She lives on Arizona Avenue and Pecos. I knew that it would be a drive, but we hadn't hung out for awhile so I thought that it would be fun. She told me to take the 202. Now in hindsight, I should have known that Pecos is more south. I took the 17, to the 10, to the 202. So here I am driving down the 202, singing to the radio, and having a good time. Suddenly, I check the guages and see that the car is getting hot. It usually does that, but I didn't think that it would have started so soon. I talked to the car and told her to "be cool". I turned on the heat and just kept driving, with one eye on the guage of course. Stephanie had told me that it will be one exit past Alma School. Well after Alma School there was no Arizona avenue. I called her and that's when we discussed the fact that there are 2 202s. She had no idea. I told her that I would be a little longer because I had to turn around and also find a gas station to put antifreeze in the car. By this time now the car is in the red and I'm driving slow. The next exit was Val Vista. I hung up with her and continued to the next exit. As I pulled off the freeway, the oil light came on. "Great just my luck. If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." I start looking for a gas station. Right by the freeway, there should be a gas station right there. NO. I pull the car over and pop the hood. I put the little bit of oil that I had in the car. I locked up the car and started walking to find someplace to get antifreeze and oil. The road curved so I couldn't see down it. All that was out there was expensive houses and orchards. I continued walking. Half a mile from my car I realized that I left my phone in it. I reached the intersection of Val Vista and McDowell, and still no gas station. There was a man working on something by the back of his truck next to his little house there on the corner. I checked down McDowell and again saw no sign of a gas station. I went to the man and asked him if he knew where a gas station was. He informed me that it was another 2 miles. He asked what I needed and I told him that I needed antifreeze and oil. Then I said well just antifreeze, cuz I put some oil in it already. Then I said actually just water will do for now. He said, "I'll help you in minute, let me finish up here." I told him that that was fine. I petted his jack russel puppy. She was cute. After a about a minute the man put the dog in his house and then gave me a hose to fill a 5 gallon jug with. After that he drove me to my car. He was a nice man with leathery tan skin. A guy who works outside alot. He was maybe in his 60's. We talked about his property, how Phoenix is growing, and the lack of gas stations close to the freeway. We put the water in the car and all was well. I asked him for his phone number because he had a truck for sale and I knew that Stephanie was looking for a car. He gave me his number. I also asked him what the name of his dog was, so that when I told this story later, I would know it. He said her name is Gina. His name was George. I thanked him again and he drove away. When I got in the car my phone rang and it was Stephanie. I said, "I just met a guy named George with a cute dog named Gina, that helped me with my car." She said, "Leave it to you." That's when it hit me that I always get in these little adventures. I told her that usually with the way my life is, I think, "Wow, what shitty luck." Then I will end up having this very odd day, or meet some interesting people. So it was a good thing. She then said that she would just meet me somewhere.

We met at Arizona Mills. We went shopping and ate some food. We bought an inflatable jumping thing and a Barney computer for Rylee. We also bought a Bionicle for Taylor. Then we ate at the steakery. After that we stopped and had these key chains made. The key chains were cool because you can have a name written on a piece of rice, put into a small vile of colored water, and put on a keychain or a necklace. I had a key chain with Kris and I's name on the rice, and she had one with her and her boyfriend's name. After that we went to Virgin Mega store. She bought a book, some movies, and an inflatable Cartman. I bought 2 movies. American History X and No Way Out. Not the one with Kevin Costner, but an old one. Not that anyone cares. She got Four rooms and something that I can't remember. We left there and went to Kris' house. She had never met Kris, Dave, Rylee, or Taylor. On the way we sipped the coffee that she had bought us at the record store, while listening to radio classics on sirius. It was a really good suspense story. So good that she was mesmerized by it, and wasn't hearing a word that I was saying. So I ended up shutting up.

When we got to Kris' house, I had found that Dave and her had bought an 56 inch widescreen HDTV. I AM SO JEALOUS. First he gets the cool job, then an XBOX 360, and now a kick ass tv. I helped him bring it into the house. After it was inside and they had a spot for it, I was told or asked to hook it up. So I did. That would be like having a guy with no feet organize you shoes. IT WAS TORTURE. Stephanie got along with Dave and Kris, and they with her. All was good. We gave Rylee and Taylor there toys, and Kris her key chain. Shortly after that Kris volunteered to take Stephanie to her car at the mall. During this I got a call from one of my workers telling me that he can't make it to work. He called 10 minutes before he was to be at work. I was pissed. After dropping off Stephanie, Kris and I went back to the house. I was thinking that I was going to have to go in a cover for the guy that called off, but then someone saved the day. I didn't have to go in. Kris and I watched our shows on the new tv. VERY COOL. I watched more shows after she went to bed, and then watched a trailer on the xbox 360 for the new Titanic special edition. It looked PHENOMENOL.

I then went to Walmart and bought some new movies for myself. I bought Family Guy Volume 3, Crash Director's Cut, and Mission Impossible special edition (it comes with a free movie ticket to see MI-III). So basically I only spent 4 dollars on the movie. Also my cousin owed me money so he bought me a game that I've wanted for awhile called MX ATV Unleashed. It's a 2 player game that Rob and I can play. I came home and talked to Rob about movie ideas and stuff. Then I watched a movie that I had bought a couple of weeks ago called Good Night, and Good Luck. It was very good. A bit heady, but good. I then went to bed at about 2PM.

I woke up at 7 and went to Kris' house so we could go shopping and eat. She bought clothes for Dave and I bought clothes for me. We ate at a new place called Freddie's and then went home and watched our shows. She went to bed and I came home after watching my shows. Now, I'm writing this.

I've heard that someone, I won't mention the name, thinks that I'm still IN LOVE with Kris. That would be wrong. I love Kris, but I'm not IN LOVE with Kris. I know that it may seem odd at times the way I'm always buying her things, or treating her good, but that's just me. The truth of the matter is that I don't have a girlfriend right now. When I get one though, poor Kris may not get as much of my money anymore. HAHA. Then again, now that I think about it, I think your right. I AM IN LOVE WITH KRIS. Please be mine? NOT!

Anyway, sorry for the long ass post, but I wanted to fill you all in on what is up with me. So there you go.

"What's life?"
"Life's a game."
"How much does it cost?"
"6 bucks."
"Isn't that expensive?"
"That's life."

And it goes on and on and on and on and on.

Enjoy your day.

I hope everyone is happy.


Mrs Rheaume said...

I am sure you need a gf, why don't u post your ad one of the HK dating site? I am sure you will get a lot of replies.

I am in love with Kris, and everyone does, she is so sweet.
I love you Philips...he he.. (Don't let Rob read this...he will kill

The problem is I have some single famale friends are looking for love. My sister is single, one of my co-workers she is single. They are still waiting for their Mr Right. I found my loved one on the net (webdate). Now we are married and I am madly in love with Rob. I will love him forever.

I think you should try. You will surprise to get many replies from Hong Kong or mainland China.

I lost all my hope until I found Rob. So I am sure my sister will find her love one, my friends and my colleague too. And you will too. You are a nice guy and you deserve someone is nice.

Try plentyoffish, webdate, yahoo etc

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok you are a geek! No I am just kidding. I just love to give crap about you being in love with her cause I love the reactions. I know you LOVE her and you cannot tell me that you would not love to find someone like her to be IN love with right? Ok anyways let's drop that. That was nice of George to help you, there are still good people in this world, that I do believe.

I am sure one of these days you will find the right girl for you, hey good things come in threes and since Rob and I both met the loves of our lives online maybe you are the 3rd, you are up next!

Just remember while you may cut back on stuff for Kris when you do find her you MAY NOT cut back on Rylee! LOL

I love ya!

Mrs. H said...

Sorry to hear that your life sucks so bad and mine is so awesome. That's what I got out of that post anyway. :)

I love you, but not that way either. No girlfriend is ever going to tolerate our special friendship. It just isn't the amount of money you spend on me and my family. I do want you to find love an happiness even if it means I lose you in the process. That's a sacrifice I am willing to make for your happiness.

So...How soon til you get a girlfriend and I get some peace and quiet? HAHAHAHAHHAH

Damn, I am loved. I love you too Mei!

Dakini said...

aweeeeee such a great post and great comments too. See, here I am sitting in ol Ohio farm town and I still feel like I was there for all of it! I love all you guys!

Phillip, I agree with the online dating thing. I met, well, Simon that way, and you know I wasn't fair to him at all. I wasn't fair to any of the online guys after being with Cory, because my heart was still with him at the time...poor online guys:(

But I also met Evan on yahoo on line and he was great until I hurt him, poor Evan I tried to apologize a couple years later after I married Matty, But Evan was pissed at me. I broke off our friendship/loveship to be with Matty. Poor Evan. Ah well I hope he finds a good person. Just like I hope you find a good person. Granted you will run into a lot of people that you wont connect with on the net, but don't give up. I liked to look all over after Cory. I looked from Yugoslavia to New Zealand to Sweden, YOU KNOW IRELAND of course, Scotland, America, Just ALL over. I met many interesting men. Though like I said they don't all work out. Some will go farther than others, Like Evan and Robert...(Robert my ex from New Orleans.) Hell had it not been for him I wouldn't have met Matty. :P

Anyway, I'm starting to go on and on and on.

I miss you Phillip. ---OH!!! That just reminded me, Matty wants to come to Az for Christmas this year, he just popped that on my the other day while my brother Nic was over. YEAY how COOOOL is that. We should figure out now where we will stay while visiting. Hmmmm...I should ask Mrs H if we can stay in her awesome rv. I dunno what you think Mrs H? That thought just came to me.

There's time to figure all of that out.

Also Matty I believe wants to move out west in five years. He likes this house, but believe it or not he is aching for the west. huh imagine that. I mean of course we miss the good aspects of New Orleans but man it's not worh it to raise the kids there especially after all we went through. I think Matty is missing Tempe and Sedona as for areas.

Gosh, I am so just rambling. Sorry Phillip...blah..I need to go write my own blog.

K I love you...Brig---Tee Hee and Willow and Autumn too because they just asked what I was chuckling at. I said, "oh, my blog reply to Uncle Phillip, I'm telling him I type too much and that I love him." Autumn says, "uncle Fwillup, I wove UUUUU tooooo Uncle Fwillup."

Willow is distracted by Lego Starwars so much so that she just hears what we are saying so she thinks I'm talking to you on the phone. Half with this world she says without looking away from her game, "Oh, tell him I love him too."

Goofy little beans. :P

MOVIEMAN said...

So cute. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I am glad that it felt as if you were there.