Saturday, April 29, 2006

Badass place to do some writing

First off this morning one of the owners of the company calls. He wants to know if we can meet. I tell him that I am getting ready to go to bed and I will be up at 6:30 PM. He tells me to call him later. I wake up and know that I have to rearrange the schedule because one of my guys is not in town yet. I do that which is fine, except that I then have to work for 3 hours. I figure that that's fine I'll go to work from 3 to 6. Anyway, I was going to hang out with my friend Joe, but that wasn't seeming to likely. I called the boss and he gave me some new places that we will be working. Several places have hired us. We are trying to hire the people so we can cover all the work.

I find out from Frank, the other supervisor, that they want him to go salary. I'm thinking that they may ask me. I told him that we need to stick together on this because they are going to make us salary and then call us ALL the time. I would think that I would say no, but then again they could offer me the money for my trip or whatever and I may say yes. I'm thinking no, but you all know that money talks.

Well after that I watched the heist sequence on Mission Impossible, and went to Mrs. H's. We watched t.v. and then I got a call from the co-owner again. This time he said that they had gotten a call from Moon Valley, where I was supposed to go work, and that several teenagers were loitering on some street there. I told him that I would go check it out and start work early. Then the owner called and told me the same thing. I headed over there. When I got there, I hopped right in the patrol car and drove down all the main streets, and found NOBODY. The good news was that I got off at 2:45.

Now for the cool part.

I was getting ready to turn down Rosewood and come home, when I noticed that the restaurant across the street had the lights on. I was going to make something to eat at home, but I thought that I would check this place out and see if they are open. THEY WERE. It's called Country Boys. It's kind of a dive, but I love those kind of places. It's just a mom and pop type of operation. It reminded me of those diners in a small town. I walked in and it was semi packed. I didn't know if I was supposed to wait to be seated or not, so I went ahead and sat down. I waited for 10 minutes or so and then I got up and went to the counter to make sure that someone saw me. Before I could say anything one of the waitresses said that she knew I was there and would be with me in a minute. I believe that she told the other waitress what table I was at, but I guess she didn't hear her. About 5 minutes later the waitress that I spoke to came over and said she hasn't been over here yet? I said that she hadn't. The waitress took my order and then said I'm not charging you for breakfast. I said that she didn't have to, but she was gone. She then brought me my coffee and a glass of water. The glass was cracked and I spilled some water on my pants. She got me another glass. I worked on the schedule and then she brought me my french toast. I heard a t.v. or something in the corner and when I looked over I saw that Cartoon Network was playing. How cool is that. I thought, "THIS IS MY KIND OF PLACE."

Why it is cool for me is because there used to be a COCO's next door to my old apartment, but they tore it down and a QT took it's place. Anyway, at the COCO's is where I wrote my entire script for No Honor Among Theives. It pretty much wrote itself. I would go there late at night and just write and have coffee. I didn't have to get in the car or nothing. Now this place is 24 hours and that's cool for me. It reminds me also of a place that Dakini and I used to hang out at.

So after breakfast, I got up and went to the counter. I told the waitress that I wanted to leave her a tip, but only had a credit card. I said that I could either have her take it off the card or bring it next time I come in. She said whatever I wanted to do was fine with her. I gave her a tip. She then read my name after I signed the receipt. She said, "Phillip". I said, "And what's your name?" Knowing of course that I would be back and maybe she would remember me, so I should know her. I looked at her name tag and she said, "Karyn".

The bacon was awesome too. There's something about a place like that as opposed to a place like Denny's. I can't explain it.

Anyway I had a good time.

Love you all. Now I'm going back to work for the next couple of days.

Talk to you all later.


Mrs. H said...

That is pretty cool, I have noticed that place too and keep forgetting about it. Have some good days working my friend. See you when I see you. I love you.

Mrs Rheaume said...

Just being silly, Will Karyn has any potential to be your future xxxxxxxxxx ?

he he ...I know I know...I told you I am being silly...

have a nice day ...going to bed now

MOVIEMAN said...

Karyn is like 45 or something like that. So no, there's no potential there SILLY WILLY.

I'll see you when I see you too Mrs. H.

Dawn said...


We still need to hang out ;)


MOVIEMAN said...

Yes we do. I am off Wed. Thurs. and Fri. I have plans Thursday though. Dinner with some friends.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

I love Country Boys it is yummy. I used to go to one at 23rd and Camelback when bill and I lived near there. There used to be one at 43rd and Indian School also that my ex mother in law and I would go to at night when I was pregnant with Will. I like their food. Love ya and I am planning on ya for Thursday. Let me know if you need to do a different day!

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

That would be totally fun if you went to Barney with Rylee and I. My Kenny wants to go too, it would be a blast! STOP FRIGGING ASSUMING CRAP!!!!

Dakini said...

What's wrong with 45?